I Have Tried

I have loved 2 people in my life. My ex boyfriend (we dated for 2+ years) And my current (only about 5+ months but I feel just as strong if not stronger about my feelings for him). Anyways. . . right after high school I moved to Utah with the first BF. It lasted about 6 months there and I gave him the boot and headed back for home. The just recently I made a move for love again, to Oregon. it lasted about 5 months but now Im out on my own. We are still dating but I just needed some time not living with him. I keep telling myself I need to not chase love, that it will find its way and be content where I am, but Im pretty sure I will just keep chasing it around, hoping that one of these times I have got it right!

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1 Response Dec 9, 2007

I hope for you too... <br />
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Sometimes during the chase, we somehow stumble into self discovery. I guess this is what you are going through right now.