Anywhere You Go, I'll Follow You Down

my boyfriend, who i went to high school with, is now living in illinois and going to college there. well i live in ohio.

our relationship has remained strong through the distance and hardship.

in less than a year i will be moving my entire life to california for him. and whats funny is that im completely happy and content with this decision.

BUT thats not all. im extremely nervous and anxious because we will then be moving onto a military base. we have no idea where he will be stationed yet. so this is a scarey thought. but i would literally go :wherever love leads me"

thanks to the founder of this group. im happy to be a part of it!

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You go girl.

How exciting :)<br />
<br />
For me, some of the rawest emotions I've ever felt have overlapped the times where I've moved some huge part of my life from a familiar place to someplace entirely new.<br />
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But my experiences are a carnival to your Dinseyland.....haha, it was a big deal to me at the time, but the biggest period I'm referring to was when I made a decision to leave the world I knew behind in my junior year of a private high school and move to a totally new public school.<br />
<br />
I know it doesn't compare to how massive your move will be. But I'm hoping that it has some similarity. Because if it does, I can only imagine what an emotionally radiant experience awaits you.<br />
<br />
And! You'll be leaving your old world behind and bringing your love - your world - with you on this adventurous path as you explore the world. aaaaah!

its actually the Gin Blossoms. lol. but thanks, it IS an amazing song!

Kudos on the Lemonheads lyric...I like that tune.

bahaha! awe.

i love you too michael. you are my world. we are going to be linguists together. hell yay!

im positive. its just him. no other man would ever convince me to do the things i am doin for him. in any other relationships i have been in, we lost our motivation as a couple. we lost those lovey dovey feelings within a matter of weeks, and with michael, whom i lived with for some time, that has never happened. he is literally the light of my life and i could never be with any other human. sure you may say, "oh she's just young" and yes, i am young. but i know my heart and i know false feelings of love, i have has them as well. andi know with every cell in my body that this is what my life was meant for. he was created for me, and i for him.

You must really love the hell out of him. I don't mean any offense but I have to ask: Are you sure that it is him that you love and not the safety of being in a relationship?