I Would!

I'm not restricted to my city only, nor am I that attached to it. I do suffer from Social Anxiety and crowds can be a horror for me. BUT, for the right guy, I could and would brave any crowd to get to him. No question! :-)

My love and passion for another always trumps my fears. Of course, he may find a shaking and panicky girl waiting for him, but I would be there at least! When love is involved in it, I find that I can do almost anything. Or at least try to! Many do not understand this, including my family, but I am a women driven by love. I was ready to go to another state to meet up with Momo, a wonderful guy, despite the fact that I would have many panic attacks in that anime convention crowd. But... when we broke up, I found that nerve and drive went away. Sorry about that! :-(

I may still go to that convention, come Novemeber... because I still care for Momo much! But, it is a little more difficult. It was easy to think of rushing there, because I was hoping for a hug! I'd brave crowds for a hug, any day! That may be weird for many, but this is me. =p

But. if someday I should meet a guy who wants me and is interested... and he lived a million miles away, I would be on the first plane headed towards him! I will find a way to reach him, no matter what. :-)

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2 Responses Apr 30, 2009

Dewduster has a very good point, but I completely understand how you feel!

Please be careful, what if you had rushed off to meet this guy and things didn’t work out and you were stranded? Be very careful as guys sometimes lose interest after they get what they want. <br />
<br />
Maybe you could go to the anime convention with a more stable girlfriend. I just have Dad Panic thinking of you being alone in a crowd because some jerk got distracted and didn’t appreciate you love. Stay away from young guys! They can only think with there little bitty head!...DD