That's Just Bad Luck!

I would hate for my lady downstairs to be the first one for a gynecologist to examine, look at and touch. His or her guinea pig, in other words. I'm assuming that if they are just fresh out of med school, that this all must be very new to them and they might be fazed by what they see, especially if it's a male gynecologist. Especially because it's not something they have seen so many times and have been doing for years yet that it's not really anything anymore.

Now, I've never seen a gynecologist in my entire life. Well, at least not for a down there or breast exam, but I don't have to actually be put in such a position to know that has got to be absolutely humiliating enough as it is without being the very first patient of a new gynecologist fresh out of med school or an intern from medical school who is studying gynecology to boot. That's just... No.
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Oh, but I bet the time a doctor gives his first colonoscopy is worse..

Achievement get!

Lol, in today's age, I'm sure they have seen plenty and even have practiced on dummys. Probably would have to practice on a real woman before going into the field professionally.

And I would hate to be that first "real" woman.

Ah, true. But the guy's had a ton of medical study beforehand, so it'd probably feel better than a dude with no experience at all trying to pleasure you..

I'm guessing she would have to be an exhibitionist who wouldn't mind being taken a look at?

Lol.. probably just asked a woman if she would mind having a trainee doctor present at her next checkup.

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the random **** going on in your mind could fill an entire book

No kidding...