You Are Pushing It

I'd hate to be a bi*ch, but damn it sometimes it is like I have no choice. Here's the scenario: I live with an 18 year old 'little girl'. Not by choice, anyway, I live with my younger brother and his younger girlfriend. Anyway .... little miss "queen" loves to be the center of attention. And if she isn't, you know there won't be any sleep tonight. And it is probably my fault for the situation because I 'allow' my brother to get away with more than he should. For instance, I have to be up every morning (monday through friday) to be at work by 6:30-7:00. And even though I should tell him that nobody is allowed to be over the house past midnight, I foolishly let him anyway. Under two conditions. That he picks up after his friends when they have left and that the noise level keeps to a minimum so that I can sleep. That isn't asking for a lot. I mean they don't have to brek their legs to accomplish any of this. So they did well for a while. Until little miss queen was asked to clean the house because she invited her friends over to hangout. She threw the biggest fit ever. She didn't want to wash the cups because ONE of them belonged to me and she felt that I should have to wash them since I used ONE. ONE!!! So instead of making myself look retarded for arguing with a retard I told her to stop being such a f*cking baby and take care of her responsibilities. I pretty much set her in her place. And since she has realized that I will snap back at her. She has decided to place her disrespect on my older sister who doesn't have a knack for saying things because she doesn't want conflict. Now I don't want conflict either but if I must then damn it I will. So my sister tells me what little miss queen says and I don't say anything to her. I do however tell my sister what she needs to do and she'll either do it or save it for when things really get out of hand. I have lost all patience for dealing with this little girl. And I'd hate to be a bi*ch to her every day but damn it she is pushing it. She acts like it is her house (she doesn't even pay damn rent), she acts like she can do whatever she wants, treat anybody any way that she wants and it has eventually gotten to the point the if she ****** off my brother, he'll do nothing to her, but take it out on everybody else. Maybe that means I need to be a bi*ch times two! Regardless, I am holding onto my sanity as much as possible, because I don't plan on going crazy on their a$s anytime soon. But they do deserve it!
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impressive cuz i would be a ***** times 4 ... 1 for me, 1 for my older sis (gotta defend those you love who won't do it for themselves), 1 for my bro so he'll quit misplacing his anger, and 1 for the simple fact that she made me be bitchy to begin with - as if i have the extra time and energy for that ignorance! good luck to ya with this one!

Good for you! I know I would have done the same thing(Or at least try to). I'm horrible at telling people what to do and all that but if need be I'll definatly do it. <br />
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Many kudo's for holding your ground.