26years Old Female,married For 5years And Have A 3yrs Old Daughter. Leading A Sexless,loveless & Stressful Married Life

Hi i am 26 years old female,got married 5years back it was a love marriage. I have a 3years old daughter too. From last 4years m living a sexless,loveless & a very stressful life, which i never dreamt of ever. My husband have some medical problem (relating to sex) due to which we dont have any physical relations from last 4 years. Moreover, we daily have fights on petty matters which increase into a big fight. Many times i think of takingĀ divorce but when i think abt my daughter's future cant even do that.M very much confused what to do? please can some1 help me?Ā 
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You need to get your husband to a doctor to see if he can be helped,if he cant then you will need to make a decision for your future.It's that simple.

thanx for ur suggestion "nwtrdr33" .... already done that but of no use. Moreover, there's no love left between us due to daily fights :(

That is sad I am very sorry,so what will you do?Are you ok?

Its alright! I dont know what to do? M totally confused and depressed.

For starters begin by not fighting with him.Easier said than done but at some point someone has to give,let it be you for now.Just be more agreeable and see if it helps.Pick your battles.See if less fighting helps in anyway,shape,or form.If it does then you are on your way to figuring things out.

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