I have been heavy my whole life. As far as I can remember. It bothered me most of my life but then became comfortable with my weight at around 20. I had no problem meeting guys and I felt beautiful. Now I will be turning 30 this year. I have 2 gorgeous amazing children and a great husband. He finds me to be beautiful. I have always been healthy asides from my weight. The problem is after my two pregnancies my body had changed and I feel disfigured and deformed. I don't feel beautiful like I used to.
I want to get the gastric sleeve. My husband is very much against the idea, he is not attracted to thin women and is afraid I might lose to much weight. I know that now is the time for me to do this. I am young and healthy? I feel strong enough to undergo the procedure. Why wait until I get it because my weight is causing health problems? I have two kids I need to be healthy for.
I want to go sky diving dammit!
I want to go shopping and not have to worry about the fit!
I don't want my kids to see me be unhealthy...
I'm torn...
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It sounds like I might be a bit late, however, I would encourage you NOT to get this done. I have to say that I would be against it like your husband. Anytime we opt to have surgery and it's not a life or death situation, I believe that it's another way. I have had many friends and coworkers that have had this done and the ride after surgery is long and some times tough. You have to put so much energy and attention into your body to stay healthy and alive. If you are going to put energy and attention into your body after surgery, you can certainly do it before surgery. <br />
<br />
God created your body to work a particular way and when we alter that process, it is major. <br />
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I can definitely help you with losing the weight. As a matter of fact, I can help you lose it fast and healthy, if you give me the chance. <br />
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Email me at:<br /><br />
if you are interested in me helping you with your weight. I am currently losing weight and I feel great. You and I can even work together.<br />
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Thank you. How long have u had to wait for surgery?

With all my doctor visits being scheduled its taken about 3 months and I'm looking at surgery next month. Some people take as little as six to eight weeks to prepare.

Had my first appt today. Im looking at 3 months too. Keep me updated on your process if you don't mind. Thank you

First off I think its great that you are considering options to better your health, especially before it takes a toll on your body. The gastric sleeve is a great option and many do well with it. It's not nearly as drastic as the actual gastric bypass and you lose weight a little bit slower but it still comes off. Overall the end result, being healthy, is what matters. When it comes to post-surgery you can go too far on the weight loss, which is why following the doctors diets and rules is important. There are also high calorie protein options, diet wise, which could help keep you at a more normalized or heavier weight.<br />
I was torn at the thought of having surgery too(and I sometimes I still am). I've been big my entire life and I'm having gastric bypass surgery this summer. Sometimes I feel almost weak for going this route, especially since I'm young, but I want to be healthy and have a normal life( l actually want to try skydiving one day).I think its worth it to me, even if I cant eat certain things anymore ( not that I need them anyway). I don't want to be sixty or so down the road and be on tons of medication.<br />
Also depending on your insurance and the hospital program you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get ready for surgery. I saw about 5 or so doctors and had some bloodwork done along with taking an education class on gastric surgery and having a Psych evaluation. They make sure you're ready and want it. They have professionals to talk to you and help you make decisions such as having or picking from surgeries.

Please keep me updated on your journey. My first appt is on Thursday

I'll make sure to let you know. Best of luck with your appointment.