Im Hoping For Real Happiness

i had 3 past relationships before the first one was lasted for 4yrs i thought hes the one for me were happy we do things together my family loves him too but one shocking news came when my sister discover that my boyfriend had an affair to other lady.i was so sad and heart broken it took times for me to move on and in gods grace i started to forget him when my co worker started to court me and we always spent time together we see each other even in work but sadly we have to separate due to some issues feel empty again and suffered to loneliness again.after 3 years i try to love again this one is different because i madly in love to him i came to the point that i almost forget myself just to show my love and care for him but again sad to say we separated ways after 8 months.its been 3 yrs now but still i cant find the right man i cant find real happiness ifeel to sad,alone and empty.i always ask myself whats wrong with me is there a chance that someone will love me for who i day i just felt that i really wanted to find someone i hope through this i will find one.its a nice thing to expect that ill find friends here and in gods glory will lead to wonderful relationship and build my own happy family.:-)
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Hey lets talk. I am looking for someone like you. : ) really lets talk.

Write me :)

Dear shylady10, you are not alone, I too am in the same situation and mine has been going on for eight years, there is nothing wrong with you my darling trust me, its unfortunate that you have been hurt, and I too wonder and doubt that I will ever find happiness, because of the hell and hurt I have been through. What I have learnt is: know what you want, be picky, stand your ground-I think becos of us wanting to be loved so badly we settle for less and sell ourselves short, if he is worth it, he will prove it, because you sure as hell are x