There Is An International Day

May 15th

I have read where lots of guys wish there was a day like this. Well there is one now and it is May 15. It is called International Men can wear a dress day. I think it started in 2008 because that is the earliest posts and pics I have seen about it.

For me I just recently heard about it and so this year I will wear a dress for it for sure. And I will post some pics! Also even though the label says "Dress" skirts are just as welcome!

So do your part and wear a dress or skirt on May 15th. Also spread the word. There is a group in Facebook dedicated to this day and I believe when I googled it I saw some pictures in Flicker? not sure I will check again and see if I can find that page again. Anyhow this is the day we have been wishing for so do your best to promote it and spread the word!!! Ask your friends if they knew there was such a day, ask your fav watering hole to recognize the day and have a prize for the best  dress, ask your work to recognize the day  etc.....simply put do whatever you can to spread the word!
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4 Responses Jan 30, 2012

I can't find the page

Try this link. It is from last year but it will give you the general idea...I can't find the original site now either.

Thank u

this is only a few days after my birthday !!!

Well wouldn't that be a great way to celebrate!

it very much would :)

so 11 days after Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you.

Indeed and thank you!

I will be wearing mine!!!