A Juicy Diet

I was just chatting with clsara.
She gave me an idea for a zero calorie diet which not only burns calories but feels so goodddddddddddddddddddddd!
For all those women who need to reduce their weight a bit.
I have some extra weight which does need to *** off.
Are you getting the idea of what my diet is?
It is similar to the see food diet.
Actually it is the see the spread legs with the glistening *****.
And what is that ***** saying to you?
Yes, it is saying that you need to lean down and begin licking it until the ***** is flowing and your friend is screaming.
But you need to keep licking and sucking it until you are no longer hungrier for *****.
I think that your mouth will be latched onto the **** and ***** for a very long time.
Your thoughts, ladies?
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4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I think you didn't belong in this group. LOL

I think we can all agree that eating a ladies ***** is superb.

I think that would actually work! Ive tried that b4 and got so caught up in the moment that I was picturing me eating actual food. If it wasnt for the sounds of pleasure coming from my gf,I probabably wouldve taken a bite! That wouldve been bad!

Ohh, yes, like you're just eating chicken...LOLOLOLOL????

I think that men could use that diet too, at least for me.