We Do Everything Together

Standing in front of the door length mirror, while I dried myself off, I noticed my summer tan had disappeared. I coated my body with sun tan lotion, put on a thong and pair of nylon shorts. And followed with a bikini top under a tee. Took the laptop from work and before I left the house, put on a baseball hat.
When I opened the car door, a blast of hot air greeted me. Leaning over I touched the driver’s seat and was not surprised to find the material was very hot.
Taking off my tee, I draped it on the seat, hoping the tee would protect some of me until the air conditioner kicked on.
Turned on the ignition, rolled down the windows and flipped the ac to really cold. There was not reason to sit on the hot seat while the ac tried to cope with the super hot car. While I waited for the AC to crank out nipple stiffening air, I promised myself that for my birthday, I would buy a convertible.
Putting my hand through the window frame, I found the air was quite a bit colder. The steering wheel had even cooled down.
As I pulled away from my apartment, I rolled up the windows. I shivered twice as my nipples poked through my bra. I could feel myself getting wet as well. Past boyfriends said that I was amazing. They could finger my nipples and my ***** would flow. I love the feel of the inside of the bras against my nipples.
I pulled into the parking lot, turned off the motor and the inside of the car instantly became warm. I flipped open the trunk and took out a blanket. I draped the blanket over my shoulders and took the laptop in my right hand. Put the blanket down on the wooden bleacher and sat myself down.
I was looking for a little quiet and certainly some tanning time. Ten minutes after I sat down, I heard talking. Looking up I saw that my quiet time was going to be interrupted by women playing softball. I buried myself into my work and tried not to listen to their yelling.
“Heads up,” someone yelled.
Looking up I was greeted by a blur of something coming toward me. My left hand caught the ball and without really looking, I threw the ball back to one of the players. I typed along for another five minutes and again, I was greeted by a vocal warning of an incoming ball. This time, my right hand caught the ball before it smashed into my laptop like a comet from outer space.
I stood and threw the ball to the pitcher. I heard a thank you coming from someone. “Do you want to practice with us?”
Looking up I saw several women walking to me. They all were wearing shorts and their tees were soaked through. Several pairs of nipples were staring me in the face.
“Let me put laptop in the car,” I said.
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You are an amazing writer. I love your stories, please write more