My Fantacy! :p

I get so turned on when I am on here. It seems when I am on and playing I can never find a woman to exchange sexy thoughts, pics, fantasies, etc. :(
thinheaven thinheaven
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I'd love to do that too :-D

Try me

I thought there was plenty

Me too!!

I'm a male with a developing chest who prefers to wear girl clothes any tips on clothing, make up, swimsuits and anything else would be helpful. I'm to scared to wear skirts, dresses, make up, heels in public yet however

I think you are only after women, but if you ever after a male counterpart to exchange fantasies, thoughts and pics please let me know. This is exactly what I'm here for... Have a great day! Stefan


Keep looking they are on here. ;o)

I completely agree with you... So hot, and sexy, but noone to really talk to... They should have a "chat" feature...:)

me to lol

I would like to arrange for you and my wife to spend time sharing...we should exchange some pics?