The Fireman, Part I

The Fireman, Part I

I awoke feeling a little empty, and a little sad. The weight of my loneliness said I need to fix this and continue my search. I wanted someone in my life, so onto the CL for someone interested in ANR and immediately found someone. His ad said he was looking for a girlfriend to share an adult breastfeeding relationship. His words went on for only a few lines - plainly stating that he’s ready to try this kind of bond. I sent him an email with a basic description of me to gague interest. And yes, he was, so I sent along my picture. He and I continued to talk and text continuously for the next two weeks. His name was Johnny.

Johnny took me out to drinks and explained that he lived on a horse farm in the Catskills. He and his brother started the farm, but when his brother suffered health issues, he took over completely and hired hands to fill in. He sent me many pictures of himself kissing a horse, snuggling up to a new born colt and another showing that same colt nursing.

This excited him and got him thinking about nursing me so he texted, “I wish I were there with you now for my morning feeding!”

I wrote back, “OK, then, come on over.”

He texted, ”On my way. 60 miles to you. On my way.” We talked and texted the whole time.

I felt so close to him that when he arrived at my apartment, I greeted him with a huge smile and a long, soft, sweet kiss. After a few minutes of lounging on the sofa together, his hand started to caress my left breast, then my right breast. The feelings we stirred in each other were so in synch that we simultaneously uncovered my left breast and he started to suckle. Hungrily he suckled at first, then as we settled into being together, he calmed, and relaxed on my teet. Then after a half hour, he switched to my other breast, suckling deeply, satisfying that emotional void - the need that brought us together. I kissed the top of his head as he nursed and spoke soft, loving words to him. I told him how wonderful this felt. I let him know how loved he made me feel. When he finished, he looked so satisfied, it was like he had actually taken in milk, though I was dry.

He asked me to make dinner but insisted upon me wearing the corset that lets my breasts swing. He laced me up - tightly. Paired with a long prairie skirt, he’s got his woman barefoot and in the kitchen, loose-breasted and serving him. How nice - for the both of us!

He enjoyed having control over me. Every so often, I’d look up and he’d be looking at me. Watching my body. I liked it. I told him I put the chicken in the oven and we’d have an hour and a half till dinner was ready. Then he commanded me to nurse him. Just like that, he said, “Come over here now and nurse me.”

Of course I did as told. I laid down on my bed and he laid down beside me, cradling my breast in his hand, then gently, he got really close to my body - body against body, like he was making us one. And he drew my breast into his mouth and latched on with his whole being. With this embrace, I knew he wasn’t going anywhere for a while. After an hour and a half of intense nursing, Johnny wanted me to serve his dinner and so I did - breasts loose and swinging prairie skirt. He loved to see me serve him while laced up - knowing I’m like that only for him and that I serve only him, breastfeed only him. We looked forward to the bonding we would create for each other and the security of knowing someone understood how deep the need is. We also looked forward to our night ahead. We hadn’t even made love yet we knew it would be that - love - wonderful and fulfilling, spiritual , physical and emotional - all coming together. Only he could draw my milk out and he knew I would be dedicated to nursing him and we both looked forward to the day I could truly be heavy with breast milk and feed him whenever he wanted. That would be the ultimate goal.

Stay Tuned for Part II

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