A Little Curious

I am a straight I have never been spanked by another man before, I'm a little interested but also anxious about it. Although my main interest is in spanking or being spanked by a lady there is something about M/m spankings including their history and cultural setting that fascinates me. Perhaps if I was going to be spanked by another man I'd want it done in a role play setting. There is a part of me that wants to try it, other men have offered to spank me before online.
I always tend to hold back from it though. It feels a little awkward.
If ever I was going to be spanked by another man I'd want to make it clear that I didn't want any further sexual contact.
I really don't think that being spanked by another man can ever be as exciting as being spanked by a woman. In a way spanking by another man seems more brutal than being spanked by another woman.
However I think i would particularly like to be spanked by another man while a woman watches and enjoys
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I am a straight male but I like to get spankings from men. There is nothing sexual about these spankings. With men it is always who is bigger, stronger, more masculian. So having to stand infront of another guy and bare my bottom and go over his knee for a bare bottomed spanked adds a degree of humiliation and submissiveness to my punishment. I have never been spanked by a guy with a women watching but would love to be spanked by a couple, preferable married. The though of being spanked like a little boy by a guy while his wife watches and laughs at me, to me would be the ultimate punishment

I am straight but prefer spankings from men because they have nothing to do with sexual gratification and are purely corrective discipline for real confessions I make and allow him to determine the punishment. I am always totally naked for my punishments but my mentor never removes any of his clothing. My nudity is to remind me I am submitting to him exposed with nothing to hide. Its a basic rule I agree with. Being naked in front of a fully clothed man is a good way to remember who is in charge of the session. Once im kicking and yelling my way through a tough lesson nudity is the last thing im concerned about. My mentor is like my doctor. I dont have to agree with him as long as I accept what he prescibes me knowing its being done for my own good. Takes a lot of trust to submit like that but its so beneficial to allow an autority figure make my disciplinary decisions for me.

Wow! How did you find him? How does he spank you? It takes a lot of trust to bare yourself to another man.

do try and make it work for you...be specific in what you wnat to happen and expecially what you do not want to happen ENJOY

I have been spanked, initially wearing my boxers, by my room mate, whenever either of us lost a bet or a game. It was mutually satifying and very exciting. Being under the contol of another guy, over his knees, was great. we made sure that the boundaries (very narrow in the beginning, but widened up through role playing) were kept so it was comfortable. we get together a few times a year and return to the games..... it is great.

i would like to visit a headmaster to cane me bare i live in dublin city any any one intrested <br />
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I have fullfilled exactly that for a few guys. A no nonsence m/m spanking... me playing the role of your father or someone else in a position of authority

How does that work? Do role play the father as you said and spank for childhood transgressions that were never spanked for or do you just make up the scenario? How do you prefer to spank?

It is as if you are in my head. This idea has been growing in me for a long time now!

Exactly! I was spanked by my dad as a child, but I have only been spanked by my wife as an adult. I never had the urge to he spanked by another man until about three years ago. I had a dream one night where a friend of mine and I had been caught doing something and this man and woman were going to spank us. I wanted to be spanked by the woman, but she grabbed my friend and took him off for his spanking. The man took me to his office and spanked me there. He gave me the choice of the belt or the paddle. My dad mainly used the belt so I picked the paddle. He spanked me twice and dI'd a very good job of it. Every since that dream I have had thoughts of a man spanking me. I have had a few offers here on EP. One guy wanted me to call out of work, lie to my wife and take a train and meet him half way. Then he said we would rent a hotel room. He would bring his belt collection and give me the spanking I deserved. When you are in a wife led relationship where she dominates the house and spanks me you don't lie to her and blow off work. You tell her the truth and accept your punishment. I couldn't even consider lieing to her. He just scared me. When I said no he got terribly upset. If you want to chat I would like to be able to talk about this to someone who understands.