I Spanked My Buddy

I have always been fascinated by spanking. As a child I was thrilled to see my buddies spanked by their dads and when it was on TV or in a movie. As an adult I didn't have much of a chance to pursue my interest till I moved west. I met a guy who was as interested in getting as I was in giving. Nothing sexual happened. We met every couple weeks for a spanking session. The first one was awkward with him pants down over my knee and me trying to judge how hard or aggressive to deliver the swats to his quivering butt. As the months progressed so did my skill level and his desire to be spanked. It became a weekly event which my buddy described as motivating. We did, over the knee, wheel barrow, on the bed with pillows under his belly or just bent over. He was nude all of the time when it became weekly and I became proficient with different implements. My hand remained my favorite implement but a paddle, hairbrush or his favorite belt were frequently used. Out mutual interest ended when when I moved to another state. Needless to say this has left a void in my life and hearing from him its been a void there also.
bearski7682 bearski7682
56-60, M
Jan 14, 2013