Full And Open Disclosure

  I agree with what is being said in this group.  I have been wearing dresses and skirts since I was 11 years of age.  My mother got me my first dresses
and it went on from there (read my stories on my profile).  I however go one step beyond just telling people I crossdress and wear skirts all of the time.
I also wear all of the proper under garments as well.   I have posted what little pics I have of myself, plus posted photos I've found around America, these include some boys and men I know.  
I am from Ohio, I was born in a little town known as Highcoal, West Virginia,  but other then the first 5 years of my life, I have resided in Ohio.  Currently I live close to Youngstown, Ohio in the Mahoning Valley region.
  Why some people here claim to open with their crossdressing, then try to hide it by not posting pics of themselves, either as a child or an adult is beyond me.   I know a lot of people feel ashamed, but of what?    Transgenderism is in all of us.  All babies initially in the womb are FEMALE,  the male attributes don't develope until later (this is a fact).  Half of your DNA is female (from your mother), the other half is from your father.  You half to accept that a part of you is female, nothing can change this fact.
  Be proud of your human heritage, who cares if you took after your mother or father.  My gender is not determined by what is between my legs.
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I have to agree with cdsubalice. I've been a closet crossdresser for years but working in a very masculine business. Beleive me, there is no sympathy for a crossdresser out there.<br />
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i think sites like this are worthwhile for many of us - particularly for those of us who are very much underground or share our crossdressing only with a significant other. Truely, we are not alone and sites like this are a great support. I really wonder how many of us there really are. And yes, it would be great if society were less judgemental toward us, but fact is , it is not.<br />
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So, there are two ways to deal with the situation - be comfortable staying underground and enjoy it when you can - otherwise blending in - or just come on out. But no question, if you choose to come out, no doubt it will be a rough road.

I've driven over a lot of rough roads.

One of the boundries my wife and I have is no pic's on the web...sorry

I like that you respect your wife's wants and needs. This is the way every one of us who is happily married should act towards our wives or husbands.