State Of Residence Or State Of Mind?

Did the founder mean the State/Province/Country of residence, or the state of mind and coming out of closet?
Or both? I am not American like most users of EP but I am OK to talk of both.

I live in Latvia, a small country in North-East Europe. I was born 40 years ago when it was occupied by USSR, but now I am a citizen of European Union - living in the same city. The whole country is just two million people, like one metropolitan area or small state/province in larger countries, and therefore there are not much specialized forums, and staying anonymous among understanding people and keeping privacy would be a problem locally!

Therefore I better read and occasionally post about private subjects on international sites in English or Russian. I was positively surprised to see that Experience project has become an interesting place to read and share all kinds of stories, and while most visitors are from North America or United Kingdom, I am not the only who is not. I am wishing for other language versions of EP, like wikipedia or ebay have for quite a while.

I am not sure if I count as crossdresser as I am straight and do not dress completely, but I definitely have a fetish for certain items of clothing, which I wear in private, around house or in public, and support the right of everybody to wear whatever while decently covered.

I hope such time comes when nobody is surprised by man in tights or skirt or tight sports clothing, Taken how everybody has got used to earrings and long hair, it should not be long - although I am ashamed to read that American men are losing the right to wear swim briefs on beach, and the world is taking this trend. I hope it does not spread further.

I must admit that it has something to do with overweight issue, and I have it too, but I fight it it every summer on bike, and hope to do so this summer again - in tights (pantyhose) and lycra skinsuit when the weather allows!

You can read my other stories about my experiences.
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46-50, M
May 6, 2012