Portsmouth Virginia

I stick close to home as wife is not comfortable with me going out. I wear lingerie 24/7 but usally have to do drab cover during the day and when around friends.I do get to step out every now and then but mo wig or make up. Blah, but atleast i can go out a little. Have fun !!!!!!!
daniellepantylover69 daniellepantylover69
51-55, M
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West Central Illinois, Quincy

Vero beach fl.

Riverton Wyoming and I will take any and all of your lingerie and stockings that you want to get rid of



in my nylon brief panties 24/7,,, in Nashville

I happen to wear my "delectables" here in Texas...Mmmm!!!


A little is better than nothing at all for sure. Enjoy when ever you can.

I wear panties daily and have begun wearing certain things out in public

Little Rock, AR

you are lucky to have such an understanding wife btw east central Ill here

I was born and raised northwest of Chicago.

Central valley, California no don,t go out

Also straight

utah mmm crossdressing is the hottest thing ever!

Norfolk here!

Cool do you ever go out?


would you meet some time?

I am in Victoria, Australia.<br />
<br />

Would love to go out at night to a gay bar with you all dressed up.