Boston, Ma

But deeeep in the closet! Sharing with gurlfriends online has been very special!
steveterrill steveterrill
61-65, M
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Ks. But mostly just under things.

nw uk

Hutchinson, Kansas

The UK and me to


Massachusetts here as well, and the closet is where all the best dresses are ;)

Nice to meet other Bay State gurls!

Boston area too. Slips are wonderful

Central CT

London, UK

Vermont/New Hampshire in West Lebanon area


Northern KY, nudist TG with 38 C breasts and vulva, proud to show them for all to see.


My state is full aroused in England.

Western Washington state in the Cascade Mountain Foothills.

Don't run up in that neck of the woods anymore. All over the South East though

Buffalo, NY

So anyone from near western New York?

I live in Riverton Wyoming

My story is already on here

probably more deep in the snow these past few days than the closet...hi friend!

How deep is your snow

no snow here at light dusting a few weeks back...

Buffalo, NY

long island NY deep in closet, married and looking for someone to share experiences with

in mich. and out of the closet and really enjoying wearing my fem. clothes out in public. ladies clothes feel so nice on me I would love to wear them every day all day long.

Lucky gurl!

South Carolina and I have two drawers full of panties I usually am warm so don't wear t shirts or bras but I also wear some women's pants and dress socks which are more comfortable and cut better

I was caught by my then girlfriend now wife (thank God) so i don't have to hide

get out of the closet. put on all your lingerie and a dress and heels and go out in public. you will be amased to see how nice it feels to be all dressed up.

A deep desire for sure!

I am in mich.

you should *** out of the closet and enjoy your self like I did. I am in mich.

Northern California, Sacramento and vicinity.

UT here. I Know I'm not but sometimes I think I'm the only one.

Definitely not the only one! Totally astounding to realize the number of us 'special gurls' out there, many of us hiding deep in our closets! But, knowing what an understanding and compassionate sisterhood we belong to!

Rock Hill. SC

Phoenix Az area

Still looking? Central MA, and slowly coming out.

Vermont, deep in the closet!, hiding my small collection in a cubby hole in the cellar. I'm gonna leave something out sometime and need an explanation!

I am 53 and in PA

I claim the Keystone state as my home, but circumstances have placed me in the Volunteer state.

I'm in the Music City,, I to are somewhat stuck in the closet,,, looking so much for a pantie playmate

I'm in the Music City,, I to are somewhat stuck in the closet,,, looking so much for a pantie playmate

I'm always eager for some gurlie playtime!

I'm in happy state,well in a county really! County of Suffolk UK any others near me feel free to message!

Essex gurl. X

Near Manchester NH here.

Hmmmm. Almost neighbors!

By that you mean?

I live in the Boston area. Not far from Manchester, NH = neighbors.

I sure wish you were nearer so we could play some. Mass id pretty far. Muah anyhow!!

Almost! I can almost see your hose from here. Umm, that should be 'house'. ;)

Wouldn't it be pretty exciting to see each other's hose? (he, he!)

Yes house and hose. I'd like both thanks.

Ohhhhh yessssss!

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South Carolina

I am so deep in the closet I have seen a lion walk by! and I was told a witch is walking about some where!
My state is UK South Wales!! Dressing is not just a USA thing!! ;-)

We know but we are always on the look out to find a neighbor to play with. Muah!

luv to chat from north idaho

Always love to chat about being gurlie!

i also luv chatting with my new girl friends i'm a nasty *** thirsty **** for all to use

<p>Not a CD, but I can certainly see where we all have a lot in common over what we wear and where we do it. My state = the state of confusion, at this point in life. I know who I am deep down, but my wife has always had trouble dealing with it. That's left us in a HUGE lurch for the past couple of years, making it harder and harder to understand why we supposedly live for someone else, when we can't even live for ourselves...</p><p>Ok, so as far as cross dressing goes, I didn't/don't think I could ever pull it off. Too tall - too hairy - too many bones that don't have the right shape. Comparing it to my deepest fetish, it would be like me trying to totally be a baby, just by wearing a diaper. It doesn't work, and it never has, though I love the feeling of trying (thumbsucking, wetting, etc). When I do diaper-up, I certainly feel extraordinarily special in my soul of souls, no matter what the world thinks. I guess I imagine it's much the same for many CD's. Some that can pull off the whole enchilada, and others that have just got way too much MAN in them to be who their souls tell them they should be. It's sort of sad, you know... We all have so much going on in our brains, and of course, we should be allowed to be whomever we want to be, but society just isn't ready for the whole package...</p>

Yerr it is!! I can't do it any where else. I would like to meet a cd near me and that would probably change bur I love that ep is ok woith us and allows us to chat

Yes, for sure! Stephie would be a very sad gurl without EP.

Thanks for the like and My computer has a filter amd ZI can't just go any where I please. EP for some reason is allowed on my computer and I simply love it. I love to com with others like me.