Reading, Pennsylvania Here!!

Anyone around me who wants to hang with an understanding CD.. I could really use someone like me.. All I have is "gangsters" and rednecks....
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Any Reading area CDs that want to meet a guy in his 40s, give me a shout!

Horny in Chicago!!!

Not a crossdresser but an admirer. I am currently in Afghanistan but will be moving to the Baltimore area shortly after I get back.

Well thank you for service! and Baltimore is not that far away at all

Wow, I went there..hehe

Hi honey,what a shame you don't live in Reading Berkshire UK
Hope you managed to find some one close to you over there

I was a gangster/ thug...for a min. But really I was CD. What a great cover?

But at least you have the Vanity Fair Outlet Store!

LOL, awesome!