I'm from Milwaukee WI. It's sad that there are so many of us out there, yet we all seem to be so far apart. If there are more straight crossdressers like me in WI. they are all deep in the closet.
Sometimes it would be nice to have a close friend who understands your desire to crossdress.
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Hello Silky.....
I've only recently found this site, but you're very correct in how much of this is probably hidden. Though I don't dress, I do enjoy talking to those that do... and have for many years. I to am in Milwaukee. If you'd like to write, I'm more than willing to listen.

I agree with both of you. I think there are probably more than just a few of us who would like to meet face to face with another crossdresser but because we have so much to lose by revealing our crossdressing, we tend to be very anonymous and private. Also, I think that most of us really want to meet for conversation and nothing more. Unfortunately, there are people on this website and others who would want to meet for sex and perhaps even some less desireable motives - bribery perhaps or just to commit a hate crime. "Lets go beat up a tranny!"

Yes, I would like very much to be able to talk with another crossdresser in a safe environment but I am very hesitant to meet someone off of the net.

Good point about the less desireable motives and hate crimes. It is easy to let your grard down when it comes to the things we enjoy. I have often wondered what I would do if I met another crossdresser in public. On one hand I would feel like we had something in common and would just like to go up and introduce myself. On the other hand I would propably feel pretty uncomfortable if that happened to me. I guess thats where support groups come into play....or they should.

I have run into many other crossdressers on my shopping trips to the thrift stores. When we're both pulling slips, bras and nighties off the lingerie rack, it's no secret we're shopping for ourselves. I've always found they are very private and want no acknowledgment that we are sisters at heart.

I don't think I really want a friend to crossdress with. I just want a friend I don't have to hide it from. Someone who shares my interest. If he shows up unexpectedly when I'm still in my nightgown, no big deal! If we go to the gym together, I don't have to worry if he sees my panties. Ect...

I have often thought the same thing. Always seems like everyone is across the country or in some other part of the world. EP friends are great, but I feel the same as you that sometimes it would just be nice to have a good friend close by that understands and shares the same desires as you do. If we all want to stay deep in the closet maybe we should build a bigger closet to make room for a friend or two. Sure would relieve some of the loneliness.