I'm A Different Kind Of Animal!

I have a 'military' accent because I've moved a lot and picked up some southern twang as well as Yankee doodle. I am not in the military. I have just moved a lot. I've been looking for myself. Just because I've moved a lot does not make me 'worldly.' Far from it. There are so many places that I want to travel to! I have only been to Canada and Mexico outside the USA. So no, I am not worldly.

I work in a cooperate office and dress the part but I am so far from that role that I say I am a paid actress! It's just my income. It's just a job. I am not defined by it or consumed by it. It is a means to an end. Nothing more.

I don't do recreational drugs... Well, not really. Okay so I overuse my prescriptions but who doesn't? I don't smoke pot, do coke, etc. (I have in the past.) I have piercings and tattoos discretely placed but I am not trailer trash nor do I do drugs for fun.

I'm not racist. I'm pale white with red hair and grey eyes. I think all races are beautiful. It is scientifically proven that we are over 99% the same in spite of our race. I think race is important however. I think there are cultural differences between the races that we could learn so much from if we weren't so stupid about race.

I'm not a man hating dyke. I'm gay. Trust me guys, straight women hate you. Gay women don't care. I enjoy the company of men and hearing their experiences and sharing experiences we've had with women. It's a neat exchange!

I love my relationships with straight women! That being said, I almost never fall for straight women. I enjoy shopping, some healthy gossip, female camaraderie, etc. All of my very best friends have been straight women and I have not fallen in love with a single one of them.

I'm not all kinds of crazy that my ex's make me out to be. My last couple of ex's have talked about me like a dog to anyone who would listen! They seem to think that I am desperately in love with them and would do anything to get them back. They both think I stalk them. Truthfully, I think they're both *** holes. It ended with them for a reason. I wouldn't be in a relationship with either one of them if they were the last people on earth. I know I can do better than both of them put together. I try to be friends with them but it's really hard to be friends when it gets back to me what they're saying. I try to keep the peace and pretend I don't know. Really, I desire a new love. I want to fall in love with someone hot and wonderful and who gets me.

So really guys, I'm not what I seem on the surface. If you want to know something about me, ask. That's all I'm saying.

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I love your story, honest and straight forward, you sound like an amazing person.

Good to know you

Thanks wScars! I've had to figure it out. My brother is in the Army and he informed me that I have a military accent. Apparently it comes from being around people from everywhere and moving around everywhere.

Well, thank you, Pumpkin79! It's good to hear some fead back! =)