This a new and updated addition of my “Read this before you add me to your circles, I suppose I wasn’t too satisfied with the other one)

Ahem, well to begin with I’m comfortable with sharing my name, I’m jake ^^, I’m from Canada, yes I’m fully Canadian.
Now, I’m not sure why exactly you want to add me, but anything is really fine I’m open to pretty much anything, but before you do, I’d like you to now a few things about me beloved reader .
First, before you add me, message me, send me anything, please! It helps.
Now here’s a bit about me that you probably would like to know in general, hmm im pretty accepting, kind, and sweet, caring, energetic and pretty positive. Well, those are most of my personality traits, also I’m not rude, so if you’re nervous don’t worry il be super kind: D (Yeah, some people are nervous on the internet, don’t ask why v.v, its hard holding up a conversation ya know?)
Hmm, I’ll tell you some things I like aswell, I’m into hockey, anime, skiing, snowboarding and movies, other stuff as well, but you can find that our when we talk mate
Now here’s what I dislike and can’t stand and it’s just 1 f—eking thing, I HATE 2-faced people, I CANNOT STAND bipolar people, with constant moodswings, by constant I mean every day. Sh-t just annoys the crap out of me, the only exception is if you’re on your period or something, but let me know lol.
As for trolls perverts, please message me, I’m always up for some entertainment, nothing more amusing then a good argument , but please don’t send me any inappropriate photos or try to do sexual roleplay with me -_-, unless I ask which is very rare, really.
That’s pretty much it, oh and I often get into many arguments, if ive offended you and you wanna talk go right ahead, I won’t be rude, I tend to forgive easy :D, im a very forgiving person as well, though that doesn’t mean you f—ek around with me k?
It usually takes quite a bit to actually get me pissed, but when I am I can be very cruel and nasty with words not sexual nasty lmao, but that’s a most likely not possibility lmao.
Oh and if you have any questions or need help with anything, I’ll gladly help you, most important part I won’t judge you based on your profile, I’ll judge you on what you tell me ^^, okay that’s about it.

Thank you for reading, I greatly appreciate it, and electrifying isn’t it? (My new catchphrase)
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

You told a girl to kill herself because she was fat, therefore any positive stuff in that description of you has just been erased. How can you say your kind?

Nah, don't jump to conclusions. I have said no such thing? Where have I "told a girl to kill herself becuases shes fat"? Absurd, stop making arbitary assumptions, and everyone else here agrees, what do you have agaisnt me? We havent even talked.

Psssh ;) I already knew all that but it was nice to hear it again. But too late, I already added u before reading, BOOM :D