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My wife was a 19 year old virgin when I met her and our sex life together  has  been as good as any I’m aware of. But following an incident very early in our marriage when an ex boyfriend called at home when I was at work and propositioned my wife for sex , and although she assured me that nothing happened,  I realized that instead of  feeling angry, I was increasingly  aroused as my wife told me of his pleading for sex with her.

I now realize that my desire for her to enjoy sex with another man was kindled  from that moment.  I have  introduced the ‘scenario’ of Shirley having sex with another man  every time we start our lovemaking , and she now  initiates this ‘fantasy’ without my prompting.


My life-long frequent masturbatory sessions always  encompass  fantasies of my wife being ****** by another man , and the feelings have only increased with time.  I even set up photo’s I have of my wife in skimpy underwear ,or early nude  pics I have of her…to arouse me as I start to **********.

As time passed, she willingly accepted my fantasies  and introduces the ‘other man’ in our bed with us, and laying on top of her….and in her… often before I raise the topic  myself.   

Once in awhile an opportunity arises… and this occurred for us. Names and places are unchanged  as it adds to my thrill in the telling.


We were living in Singapore at the time, already having had four very young children close together in age  ..the eldest only started school when we lived there.

 Shirley , apart from being very fertile, is a particularly vivacious woman and makes friends extremely easily.   Through  some other neighboring expat’s we soon got to know,  we were introduced to friends of theirs who were crew members of a small cruise ship that called into port regularly. We gradually got to know some of the English officers quite well and had them home for BBQ and drinks on occasion. One of the guys, Tony, was an attractive dark haired fellow , more muscular but  probably not quite as tall as myself and  a year or two younger than my wife… with a  very personable  nature... and seemed to stand out from the others. He looked very smart in his crisp white uniform and I noticed that Shirley was becoming more and more  ‘attentive’ to him whenever  we were in his company.

 A week or so  later,  one of the expat’ wives , Diane , confided in  Shirley that she had  enjoyed  sex with Tony   before they met us…. …with or without her husband’s knowledge I’m not sure. The last time she had seen  Tony he had told her  that he  ‘would love to **** Shirley’… but that he ‘didn’t think she would be available’.

Following  several drinks during dinner at home one evening  Shirley  chose  to tell me of  Tony’s ‘feelings’ for her.

 My arousal was instantaneous . As I listened to my wife, my brain was immediately ‘in gear’… thinking ahead how and when ‘we’ could arrange their get-together’…to allow ‘Tony’s wish’  to come true.  Trying to introduce a measure of levity, and expressing my own wish for this to happen, I  raised the various ‘possibilities’ with her. She was a little  evasive when I  asked her ‘point-blank’ how she felt about  allowing Tony to have sex with her but  it was obvious to me that she was already ‘as good as his’….if the right circumstances fell into place..

  I  looked forward to the next time we would visit  ‘the boys’ on board the ship once again and I was certainly aware that Shirley was too. There was a heightened sense of anticipation between us and our lovemaking was electric as I  introduced ‘Tony’ to our bed and asked her to imagine him on top of her … guiding his **** between her legs.  She  orgasmed  so strongly as I talked to her in this way,  that  I  was then certain  she was more than eager  to allow things to progress further.  I couldn’t  wait for an opportunity to arise that they could be alone together .

We usually went to the ship, every  3 weeks or so, when it was in port for a couple of days and came to enjoy the hospitality and free alcohol that was made available to us well into the wee small hours, when we would head off home …Shirley usually on a nice high after drinking  during  the evening. Even though we had 4 small children ,  our ‘live in’ amah was able to mind them when we were away from home and we had plenty of freedom.


Our next visit to the ship occurred 10 days later. As usual, we enjoyed the company and conviviality on the ship. Just after everyone else had headed off home , Shirley ,  Tony and I remained in one of the  comfortably furnished cabins in the officers’ quarters, where a group of us had been drinking. She was sitting at a desk trying to show Tony how to use some office equipment  she was familiar with . They seemed engrossed together, as they always were when we were in their company lately,  but I  was aware that Shirley had had more to drink than usual during the evening,  and that this  moment was the one I’d  been waiting for .


I stood up and shaking Tony’s hand  said

“ Thanks for another wonderful night, I’m going  ashore for a  walk out on the pier for some fresh air ….   then I’ll go back to the car  ….Shirley can come down when you’ve finished …there’s absolutely no hurry…”

  I’d hoped that  sounded   ‘inviting’ enough for them to make the most of the night to enjoy one another in any way they wished. I stepped calmly out of the cabin and onto the deck  into the warm tropical darkness , pulling the door shut behind me, but I was shaking and my pulse racing.

I stood outside the door for a few moments  and shortly heard an audible  click  at the handle  ,indicating  the door had been locked.

 Oh yes ! Dreams do come to pass.


Earlier in the evening I had carefully taken  note of  a rectangular porthole on the outside wall of the cabin …. and that  was now my  goal .

 Access to the outside of this small window was not easy, requiring some  fearlessness of heights and agility to climb over the  handrails and around a steel  partition onto what appeared to be a small closed off emergency access platform with  ladder access  going up and down.  I headed to the small cabin  window, to watch  what my wife and Tony were doing together. 

My heart leapt as looked inside and saw  the two of them embracing  and  passionately kissing . Only a desk light illuminated the cabin but I was able to see Tony clasping  my wife close to him as they  kissed .  Shirley was literally melting  against him , their  easy  embrace giving me a certain feeling  that they had already kissed each other this way before, which only increased my arousal. Had she ‘cheated’ on me with Tony before tonight ?

Her  olive skin looked stunning in the soft light of the cabin and I felt a sense of jealousy…but also  an intense excitement on a level I’d  never felt before.  My heart was pounding  as I looked at the face of the mother of my children, her head thrown back … eyes closed,  and watched  him opening   her dress releasing  her full breasts and suckling  her nipples. A moment later they  started kissing  again and I watched as  he lifted her dress with one  hand, which then  disappeared up between her legs. Shirley reached down and I could see her pull  her panties down to her knees from where Tony then grasped them . Shirley lifted her feet one at a time …then Tony raised her panties  to his nose and rubbed them against his face, closing his eyes and   savoring the aroma, like a  fine wine.  That was  something I’d never done , and   I wondered if women have  different aromas  .

He tossed the panties onto a chair and  placed his hand back up between her thighs .  I saw  Shirley’s face tighten as she purposefully opened  her legs to give him easier access to her genitalia … and then her eyes shut tight and her mouth opened wide in a silent cry,  as his fingers  reached their mark.

The thought of my wife’s sexual  juices flowing  within  her ,  lubricating  her lover’s exploring fingers  , was  totally intoxicating to me. My virginal wife was now offering herself to Tony to make love to her… a momentous moment for her…. by  man  that  must have aroused an extremely strong passion in her.  It occurred to me that  I couldn’t even remember  his surname at this time. Any thought of jealousy that might have crossed my mind was completely subdued at the realization that my lovely wife was about to be ravished by a lover of her choice… culminating a long cherished and overwhelming fantasy I had carried from so early in our marriage.

I had opened my pants and was by now stroking   my ****  in the warm darkness … but wanting to prolong the sensation I was experiencing .

When I looked back through the porthole they had moved away from the light and  I could only see them indistinctly , in the shadows at the end of the cabin. They had progressed  incredibly quickly and it was clear that they were already in the throes of  early copulation…Shirley appeared to be mostly naked,  her dress bunched around her waist, laying  on some cushions on the floor , and Tony  seemingly fully naked…was lowering his  muscular body down  on top of her.  They kissed and  about 30 seconds later  he was rapidly thrusting his lower body between her widespread  legs…my wife’s  hips thrusting  up and down in unison with his . Shirley quickly gets very wet and soft between the legs when she is kissed… and it was obvious Tony entered her very easily. The muscles in Tony’s back and his strong legs were working hard and I realized that I was watching him , in fascination, as much as I watched my wife. His naked body really was magnificent and I knew that was one reason she had succumbed to his advances.

 I wanted her to feel the strength and manhood of this beautiful man , in every sense.

I was in heaven… at last my greatest fantasy was happening !


The light was too dim to tell when Tony climaxed and came inside  my wife, but I could tell that he was an experienced lover… allowing Shirley to enjoy a long and intense  series of *******… in the way I know she is so capable.

I  pumped myself to the strongest  climax I’ve ever experienced …. imagining   Tony’s  hot  *** spurting up inside my wife.

 My own  sticky white fluid shot out onto the wall  in front of me  and I moaned with an  ecstasy I’ve seldom ever felt before while ************.  

 I was certain  that Shirley would have enjoyed several ******* as she bucked  beneath her  lover… I  know so well how quickly she is able to ***… once she feels a **** slide deep into her body.

They remained laying together …embracing on the cushions  and  kissing , and I couldn’t drag myself away from the window until they started to dress , by which time I felt it best I go and wait  in the car.


About half an hour later Shirley appeared out of the semi darkness and opened the car door. She looked remarkably calm , but I had remained in a high state of arousal… wondering how we would ‘talk’ about the evenings events. She wouldn’t have  known that I’d actually been able to watch them making love … but I knew that she would almost certainly realize that I  would be aware she and Tony  had just enjoyed  sex together .


I still remember how our conversation went….


“How was it “? I tried to say as calmly as I could.

“ It’s been wonderful night hasn’t it “ she replied.

“Much better than I’d ever expected… I’m so happy”, I rejoined

I started the engine and drove slowly out of the car park and turned onto the road towards home.

“ Do you know why I’m so happy ?” I said.

“… tell… me ” she said hesitantly.

“I watched  Tony ******* you was beautiful… I  was ******* off as I watched you...I was *******  at the same time you were….it was so good!”

“You and your fantasies …well they’ve come true now … I hope you’re satisfied  at last…?”

“I told you am….very very very happy !! And I think you are too….”

 “I thought you’d try to look…I thought I saw something move at the window”

“I saw everything through the porthole” I confided. “You’re very attracted to him aren’t you.

“ He’s…sexy.…it felt soooo  good !”

“Is he bigger than me ? ” I couldn’t help ask the question…

She hesitated… then said

“Yes…he  felt quite a bit bigger than you..…but mostly  thicker  !”


I was quite very surprised at the candid manner in which  she told me this…but also pleased.…for her.  I  know  that part of the whole fantasy of  wanting my wife to have sex with another man,  is that she experience a lover with a  bigger **** than mine. I have never much been into sports and been exposed to other men’s appendages in change rooms….so have often wondered over the years where I might ‘fit’… in the penis size stakes. Her depiction of Tony’s **** being considerably bigger than mine…confirmed that she had indeed experienced being ‘fulfilled’ in a proper manner.


“Ohhh… I’m hurt… but I’m  thrilled at the same time.”

“How many times did you ***?”

“ Lots…four  or five…

“ Strong ones..?”


“ Ooooh that’s so good…did he *** inside you”

“He had a condom and was putting it on but I told him I’m on the pill and that I wanted to feel him  *** inside me.”

“ That’s so good….. I hope you can do it with him again….I wouldn’t even mind if you got pregnant ”……


I could hardly believe I was saying it…but I had a sudden delirious feeling sweep over me… the vision of Tony’s ***** shooting deep into my wife’s fertile body and impregnating her …did not repulse me…but only served to arouse a deep new unknown emotion that I could not account for. I just felt that I wouldn’t be totally devastated if such a thing happened…as one might expect.  The child would be the result of  the beautiful sexual union  between my wife the lover of her choice….


“What !! I don’t think that will happen…are you being silly…what are you thinking of.”  she exclaimed.

“ That’s something I’ve never told you…..I’ve sometimes  had   perverse fantasies  that you get  impregnated by another man that you’re  really attracted to. The thought of his ***** shooting up inside you and fertilizing  one of  your eggs…. I don’t know…it somehow  really   turns me on !  Don’t ask me why…I’m really kinky!


“ Well that won’t happen…  but  he told me he’d like  to see me again… tomorrow…. I told him how much you  wanted me to have sex with him,  so he asked me   if I can meet him tomorrow night in town and spend the night with him. I said I’d talk to you.  I’d really like  to…. the ship goes  the next day, and they’re not back for another three weeks”


Holding the steering wheel with one hand I put my hand between my wife’s legs  and felt  what I hoped was the stickiness of her lover’s ***** still slick  on the  smooth skin of her inner thighs…. Oh Joy !  

“ Just  leave his *** on you for me to feel when you come home…”


We didn’t even have sex together when we got home…I felt she’d had ‘her fill’ …and I didn’t push myself onto her to let me enter her when I tried.

But I  pestered her to tell me ‘everything’ she had felt while lovemaking with Tony earlier in the night.…and she was remarkably candid …knowing that I’d witnessed most of it anyway. She said Tony was a very experienced lover and that she’d show me some of the things he did with her another time. I told her I wanted to know ‘now’…...but she refused my request…leaving me wondering… what new sexual gymnastics had she been introduced to ? !!


Early the following evening I drove my wife into the city and dropped her off at an address where the cruise line had some  apartments, and she had dinner with Tony in a fancy restaurant and later spent  the whole night with him in bed. I returned home and ***********…no need for any of the usual stimulation …just the vision of my wife in Tony’s arms , kissing and enjoying his ‘thick ****’.


I was conscious that Tony had no difficulty finding women to sleep with ,but  hoped that he would continue to want to ****  Shirley  . I knew that she was a wonderful lover and could make any man …‘happy’.

It was not difficult to arrange for Shirley to spend further time alone with Tony  whenever the ship was in port, and he did not disappoint us

.He  was always enthusiastic to meet up with us again each time his vessel returned every three or four weeks.  Neither of us wanted  Tony to miss out on the pleasures my lovely wife was so eager to  provide him with.

While  they were making love on one occasion, Shirley jokingly told Tony  about my fetish of  fantasizing about another man impregnating her. He was somewhat flabbergasted … but agreed “ he’d love to be the one…if it ever happened”.

I don’t think Shirley went off the pill… but I often wondered if she thought about it….


On one occasion Tony visited us for lunch and afterwards I took the children out to play in the park and invited Tony to  have sex with  Shirley  in our own bed while we were away.  On returning , I got  the kids to go  next door to play with friends , allowing me  to go upstairs to our bedroom and watch the lovers still embracing in bed . It is so amazing to see your own wife and her lover …. completely naked together…. beautiful !!


 The following year we transferred back to  live  Australia  ,and it ‘just so happened’ that we arranged for Shirley and the children to travel  by ship ….Tony’s ship !  This also saved us transport costs for some large items we’d acquired in Singapore .

Due to work commitments and delays  I had to remain in S’pore for another month  and it was only ‘natural’   that Shirley and Tony would be making love and exploring each other’s bodies aboard the ship, whenever they got the opportunity, and I would be so far away.

 Since that time I have believed that I  must have strong cuckold tendencies…...I even love that word !!.

“Uncle Tony”  was there to help Shirley entertain our young children and  also provide her with a warm bed and stimulating ‘exercise’ every night . I have to be honest and say that I gave my own manhood a most ‘stimulating’ three or four weeks, as my imagination was constantly in overdrive ,  driven by  phone calls from my wife when she reached Perth  and her description of the cruise . It was not difficult for me to fill in the missing pieces , and I thrilled in doing so , as I  *********** myself silly in front of the big bathroom mirror every night.

Male readers of this forum will know that our imaginations  involving another man copulating with our own wife , provide us with the strongest sexual releases we are ever likely to experience, and I am no different. It seems , for many of us….there is just nothing to match it for eroticism.!


I believe that  she spent most of every night in Tony’s cabin  where they made love in every possible way, checking every now and again that the children were OK.

 Shirley often tells me, as she approaches ******.... “He was so big”, and  “can you feel him inside me ?” Needless to say I can never resist bursting inside her when she conjures up these images .

If  Shirley is ever away from home overnight, I find little difficulty ************ to an intense climax just thinking about the look on her face when  she stood  up in front of Tony  and embraced and kissed him. Womens’ eyes seem to get a far-off soft sleepy look when they are ready for copulation with a lover.  I  conjure up a vision in my mind of the look on her face and her naked body beneath him, as she  spread  her legs and guided his thick ****  into her  warm wetness, every time I **********…often.


Shirley wrote to Tony several times and got  a couple of replies from him, which she has kept, but they eventually lost contact.


To the best of my knowledge Shirley has not had another lover, though I like to think that she may have had  a little fling with a good looking younger insurance agent  who employed her as a secretary on a part time basis, a year or so later. From what Shirley told me , they were very open with each other in their discussions,  and Pete was very much a ‘player’ with women ….who he attracted easily.

Shirley behaved somewhat strangely for a time when she worked for Peter, uncharacteristically not wanting me  make love to her at times… and  I like to think that she may have been his little ‘plaything’ for a  time.


I continue to dream on… and reminisce about days gone by..

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very nice story.i loved the part when she left at tonys cabin and you went out.which the same situation when i left my to her lover .i felt so excited that moment like i felt some nerve puuling my penis to my heart.i loved that feeling.till now 3 years they are same like husband and wife and am a serving husband to her.he is for ******* and am for caaring her needs .i love love to be .

I like your story. I have the same fantasy about my wife. I find my wife very attractive. She is a very happy positive sweet person. She knows how to enjoy life. After twenty years of marriage she have been very faithfully to me. I did noticed a couple of times the way she would get excited when good looking guys talk to her and the way she would to look at them as if she wants them to be her lover. I know how much she would enjoy a life like that. Instead of getting mad about this I would tease her about her desiring other men. She would laugh a very wide and happy laugh. She would also get very wet very quick. I would tease her about that (the way she gets wet so much and so quick when I talk about other men). It is nice when they find a guy on their own, someone that they are really attracted to. I hope we can enjoy this some day with the right guy.

i guess your feeling is only normal ... men are two types : those who make good husbands and really like to have families with wives and children to care for, and the type who love to sexually enjoy the women and give the women good sexual enjoyment. every woman needs both in her life , but unfortunately very few men have both the potentialities. so a woman, each woman to be happy needs to men a husband to live with , love , care for and a lover to **** , sexually enjoy with and may be get impregnated by. only selfish men will not encourage their wives to have this combination that makes them happy.

the story is really great , i love it .. for me the most exciting moment is when you left your wife shirley with tony in the cabin for the first time .. to leave a wife with her potential lover and wait humbly outside while they **** after almost explicitly inviting them to sexually enjoy each other ....that moment is to me very erotic .. made me get a strong hardon... hope to read more from u ..

Enjoyed the story very much. However the appearant ending is a bit sad. I hope you can maybe talk directly to your wife, making sure she knows she never needs to hide anything from you, and rather you would love details, and you would give her encouragement and support. Maybe she would feel better if she knew that you want her to have a boyfriend. Also, possibly as a present to your wife, you could make attempts to locate 'Tony' through the cruise ship line. If you did find Tony, and Tony could have a 'reunion' with her for a couple nights, imagine how much emotional love your wife would feel for you, in giving her the gift of 'Tony' between her legs again!

My wife discovered that I was writing , and had been in a long ongoing email contact with another guy who also has fetish about his wife with another man, and she was not happy about that. So I ended that contact, but of course , cannot ever change the way I think and fantisize. I have revisited the tale I wrote above ,and am very pleased that it was so well reviewed . Thank you to all your comments, and I still cherish the time in our life that led to those beautiful events. I never need or want, any other stimulation than those memories whenever I **********...which is quite often .

Very good story, entirely believable which we can appreciate because we only write stories that are true. Has she ever shown any interest in anyone else?

Yes, she is a flirt with some men she is attracted to, but when I suggest she has been flirting ,, she insists that she was not. I know that , with the right circumstances , she could be again enjoy another mans body on top and inside her...which I SO much want to happen. I have just dropped her on her own at a bar *** casino in town for the evening and I'm hoping she'll meet a nice guy she finds attractive and invites him back to our hotel 'for a drink ' , where I've returned to 'play around...and Read some cuckold websites and ********** .

Very well written and fascinating. I am glad to have had the chance to read this one. Tony must have been amazing. I am surprised you didn't ask about her "first kiss" with Tony, though. <br />
<br />
I would also be surprised if she has not had other adventures. She is not betraying you if she does so, it is just part of her femininity to want some things that are just for her. She has a lover for her pleasure more than your entertainment. <br />
<br />
Perhaps it is not out of the question that the pregnancy wish will come true at some point as well. I wish you much happiness with your lovely promiscuous wife. You have lived out my fantasies in many ways.

As far as i'm concerned, all of my sexual satisfaction comes mostly from knowing that the woman i was with was completely satisfied and was getting all the she wants regardless of any involvement of mine.

Write Me I can do a lot!

I'm a man who really believes in femdom (female domination).. Relationships are best when women are in the lead. Woman are best when they are free to express their loving authority. Such freedom includes sexual freedom. It is a great joy to have a wife who is in control and who is sexually free.

Excellent and really hits on all the erotic intensity of seeing your wife with another man with sexual prowess! I totally relate to the verbal feedback being like a drug!

Very true story. All husbands must allow their wives to sleep bareback with hung studs.

I enjoy the same fantasy.

In my life I have been able to pleasure two wives like in your story. Because I was black, they were very careful not to conceive.

great read! Really well written -- always interesting to see how others handle such things - my wife and I( have had sex with others from b4 we married, and continuing - its not something we hide, but we also really dont talk about it. My wife has 3 kids - all from other guys btw.

With exception to the pregnancy fantasy this is my sexual world to the tee. My wife and I have been talking about this together for ages but have not had the nerve to make it happen. We are so close and I so much desire to watch her with another man. Thanks for the wonderful story.

wellim not sure if i could comment with the right words for this story wow!