Gave Her To My Best Friend

I have been a cuckold for almost 4 years when my wife started taking lovers.  It was of course with my encouragement that she sleep with other men, but I never expected it do develop into what it is today.  The first time she cucked me it was with my best friend who was also her ex boyfriend.  I knew that he had been her first and I could never measure up to his big 9" ****.  I knew all the details about her sexual past, and when I finally got with her I knew that I could never give her what she had come to expect from sex. Losing your virginity to a big **** will ruin her for any small guys afterwards, and this case was no different.  We dated and married and while we had a good sex life, I always felt inadequate because I knew I just didn't measure up.  She seemed to enjoy sex, but always seemed a little frustrated and never completely satisfied.  When I approached her about ********** and her sleeping with another guy, she initially was not warm to the idea, but she did eventualy take an interest.  I told her many times how I would love to watch her **** JR, (her ex) and I knew he was hung.  Finally it happened one night at our place, and when he exposed his **** to us I was initially scared and nervous.  His **** was bigger than I had imagined, and was a full 9.5 inches with huge balls to match.  He was also uncut and watching Samantha play with it was more than I could take.  He slowly worked it in and let her adjust to his size as it had been a while since he ****** her.  All I could think about was how did he ever manage to take her virginity with that monster?   

That was almost 4 years ago, and they have been ******* eachother ever since.  She has taken others as well in that time frame, and I never get bored watching her **** other guys.  JR is her regular boyfriend, and he gets her whenever he wants, and ***** her more than I do.  She has admited that she does not really need me in the bedroom anymore, and I know its true.  He can make her *** over and over again.  My friendship with him has changed, he treats me with a little less respect than he use to, and while he does not come out and tell people, he drops hints whenever he can with friends and aquantances that he ***** my wife and theres nothing I can do to stop him. 

I hope he never stops ******* her, he is a real man and she deserves his big ****.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

i love the story and thought it would be cool if you approached her to bring some of her friends home so she could enjoy you having pleasure with different women and even show you she has the same depth of love for your pleasure as you do for her. <br />
love it when a couple can take what they have and not forget each other ad even change to bring a love to each other that most people can't understand, like her ***** being pounded and your **** being serviced at the same time. mmmm tastee love is so hot

I had a girlfriend, basically I was her **** buddy. She was kind of a teenage ***** and she dated a lot of well hung guys and cheated a lot of "regular boys" and ****** with normal, masculine guys, like myself :). Her theory was that there's a balance between the natural bulls and cuckolds: bulls usually have very modest brain capacity and if there are two many of them in one place they start running around with weapons in their hands. The other side is however too intellectual, so they start having sex in their brains rather than physically and find it satisfying. That stupid too, honestly, but it might be interesting see if the balance will change during the years, decades.