Wife Strips For Coworkers

My wife is a nurse and works some overnights at a hospital. She and a group of other nurses rotate shifts together so they are all pretty close. Her group is three guys and three girls. The three guys are all about our own age but the two other female nurses are older.

So naturally my wife had more of a connection with the two guys who are her own age and has told me they flirt with her a lot at work and its all very harmless. I loved the idea and she already knows I love when she gets other guys attention.

So this particular story starts with the flirting. The guys giving her lots of compliments and hitting on her. They change into street clothes after their shift and the guys always ask and joke about her changing in the guys locker room with them.

There was some sort of bet made between the guys and my wife, not sure of the specifics, but the terms of the bet were if the guys won my wife had to change one day after work in their locker room. So needless to say she lost the bet.

By the way, she relayed this story to me after she had completed her bet. I knew nothing of it before.

So the day came where she had to pay on the bet. She admitted to me that she was turned on all day thinking about it as they were making comments to her throughout the day saying they were excited.

So at the end of their shift the four of them went into the male nurses locker room. It was just them. And so my wife started to take her clothes off. As she started she made them promise they wouldn't take any pictures.

She told me as she was stripping she kept getting hornier and hornier. So she was getting more and more into it and dancing and moving sexily.

She took her bra off and her coworkers saw her little **** pop out. She rubbed her nipples and made them hard.

She kept going and eventually was in just her panties. The guys were rubbing their crotches. She turned her back to them and slowly slid her panties down her hips.

She bent over at the waist as her panties dropped showing them her shaved ***** and tight *******. She said she was so horny and her head was racing. Without thinking about it she started running her finger up and down her wet slit.

She faced them still rubbing her ***** and they all stood. Her mind was racing. They walked closer to her. She was soaking wet and horny and the guys were standing right next to her. Finally they reached out to touch her body. Each going for a different part of her sexy body. Her ***, her **** and of course one stroked her *****.

She told me she was so close to going further but didn't want to. So she played it cool, said thanks boys and snuck over to the girls locker room to finish changing and came home to me.

We ****** so long and hard talking about her night.
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Hot! What a treat for the guys

She's awesome


Great story and a great wife.

Very nice. She came home for the goods

A www man let them **** her that oussy would have gushed like another ******

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Nothing better than a sexy hot naughty nurse ! cheers!

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