**** Theaters Sucking ****

I get some meth, usually snort a few lines, then go to one of a few Phoenix **** shops. Love to hang our, jack my ****, find some other guys with nice dicks, and suck off one at a time. Once I had three guys just jack off in my mouth in a private view room. Love to suck while I watch ******* ****, and fanatcize that I am the girl in the middle of the circle jerk. Love to share some chats with others on yahoo or elsewhere.
jccellers69 jccellers69
51-55, M
2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Me too... get high and just want to be submissive and used. Now that ive done it I just crave getting high and being some guys ****

i am the same, a few lines and a hard **** excites me