First Time Was Scary, But Now I'm Addicted

When I was a kid, just around puberty, I found that being inside a giant plastic bag was a huge turn on. Later, as a late teen and in my early twenties, the feelings of being enclosed excited me. I had tried plastic wrap mummification, and at some point I decided that I wanted to be vacuum sealed in a plastic bag. I made a big, airtight bag out of contractor bags and packing tape, climbed in the bag, and taped the vacuum hose around the end of the bag. I leaned over to flip the switch of the shop vac, and immediately the bag deflated MUCH tighter than I imagined. As I panicked, I fell on to my bed, knocking the shop vac over, which had a ball inside to stop water from shorting out the vacuum. Had the cord been longer or had I been using a regular vac, the suction would have kept going and, well, you get the picture. I stayed away from this "toy" for about 6 months, but after a while I knew I had to feel that inescapable sensation again. To date, I've done it many times to myself, with my head in and outside the bag, with a wireless remote, and other ways. About 2 years ago, I purchased two giant Space Bags. Now I just need someone to turn the vac switch on for me. :)
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4 Responses May 23, 2012

N.H. & Mass here! would love to flip your switch!!!

I travel thru NH a lot. Sounds like you could be the one to seal me up :)

This could not be the same thing. Imagine: i help you entering in a fantastic mattress bag i take the vacuum and i am ready to swtch it on . You ,in your plastic prison , can see all what i am doing and impatient are waiting for the moment i'll push the button

Oh yeah.. that would be very exciting and scary at the same time, especially since you bound my hands and legs with plastic wrap before you put me in the bag. Once inside with the vacuum on, I'm an airtight pack of bacon :)

A little bit of scare is a sexy turn on . Cause you can trust me i don't want to kill anybody , i only want to bring you to the edge, i want you can check all the pleasure that plastic can give you

Haha, yes I am in the USA. Maybe I could get my X10 Internet Remote Control out and you could turn on the vacuum from anywhere? :)

Damn, everybody so far from me. I bet you are in England or , worse, in USA.<br />
I'd like to switch on the vacuum