Emma Actually Does It !!!!!

I finally plucked up the courage to tell my girl Emma that I wanted her to sit on my lap in my wet room and pee her panties so that the **** went all over my lap. I had on very lightweight gray coloured  trousers which I knew would show the pee as a very dark charcoal gray stain, which is exactly what I wanted.
To my surprise, though, Emma smiled and said 'I have a better idea!', pushing me onto the seat and pulling up her skirt to her waist, revealing a naked cleanly shaven *****.  Emma made me sit with my legs together and then stood astride them, her crotch jutting forward.  Then she let go.  A strong stream of hot **** jetted out of her pouting ***** and landed right on my lap.  She directed the stream so that it hit my **** and soon there was a puddle in my lap which was rapidly increasing in size.  My trousers were deeply stained and the stain was creeping all over my lap and onto my thighs, up onto my lower belly and down my legs.  Emma was laughing at the mess she was making and at the sight of the bulge in my trousers getting larger as she peed.  When she finally finished I was covered in **** down below, and Emma moved her hips forward to rub her dripping **** against my clean white shirt.  Then she moved back, opened my legs and knelt between them before pulling out my soaking wet **** and starting to suck me off.  ****, man, she was fantastic and we ended up ******* on the wetroom floor, her with her skirt up round her waist and me with my wet trousers still in place but with my stiff ***** out and buried in Emma's ****.   What a ****, - a lovely WET ****, we both came to ****** simultaneously and I shot my hot load up her as she covered my wet **** with her cuntjuices!!  ****, Emma, you are hot, wet and HORNY !!!!!
Ian2watt Ian2watt
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Great great story so very erotic!