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If you are are reading this story then we must have something in common and our lives must be similar. Maybe the events are different but the loneliness that our lifestyle has brought is the same. My story started long ago about the age of 4. I want to be diapered and treated like a little baby, I know why but I don't want to go into that right now. This desire to be diapered and treated as a baby has not left me it has only become stronger. At a very young age I remember trying to make diapers to wear to bed. I always fantasized about being put back in diapers, and how good it would feel. The bulkiness between my legs and the feel of the plastic pants. Throughout my young life I would attempt to make diapers but I would not be satisfied until I was about 16 years old. That's when I bought some pampers. I don't remember what size I bought, but I do remember having to cut the edge off two diapers, then I would tape the two diapers together. The fit was almost perfect and in time I did master how to make the make shift diaper fit, and I loved it. This homemade diaper method lasted for a few years until I found adult diapers and plastic pants. At the age of 22 I married, the marriage did not last long; I have been divorce for about 29 years. My love for diapers has keep me from any type of relationship. I do not date because I have been unable to find people like me. My list of real friends is very short and that's because I keep my adult baby and diapers a secret. My love for diapers and being an adult baby has left me lonely; however, I remain hopeful that someday I will meet someone to talk to and may be even share time with.

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I think it's really cool to wear diapers. I live on the west coast (WA state). I am an ABDL, too. Don't be afraid to share. I haven't told hardly anyone about my diaper wearing, either. I understand how you feel.

Ken,i have read your story and i thought it was about me.Like you, i was about 4 years old and was still in diapers at knight, but would do anything to stay in them 24/7. I would put them back on, and was caught many times. I was made to stay in diapers at age 6 or 7, i cant really remember exactley. I can remember being teased by others,but that didn't really matter, as all i wanted was t be a baby,and i was, and i still am. Like you, i feel alone. Iam married, and have been for 39 years, but she hates the way i'am, and hates me i think. We havent even had any love makeing in 20 years. I treat her like a queen,and give her anything she wants,but that makes no diference to her. I know how it feels to feel alone, and its not fun. I hope before my life is over, that i may find true love and happyness and can truley be myself, and can be accepted for who i'am.

the girl am with now have never told her i like plastic pants, but befor i got with her i told her i still wet the bed, and if she dose not want to be with a bed wetter i would be fine with that but i at to tell her so she did not wake up one morning in a wet bed, i told her it happens when i drink to much beer i say to much it could happen if i have 5piants. she said she was ok about it i told her befor i moved in to her house that we must have a plastic sheet on the bed she when and got one it was nice getting into her bed and feeling that plastic sheet i could here it as we moved, i had a lot of bed wetting so i said to her why not get me some plastic pants i just said that i feel bad that she is getting wet from me, so she when and got me the clear plastic pants i could not wait for them to be on me so i tuck her out for a drink and when we got home i just said i think its best if i put my plastic pants on for bed and that what i did i put a towel in them so it would soak up my pee, when i had them on i would move so close to my girl friend in bed so she could feel the plastic she did not like me having them on but she thought if it stoped her waking up in a wet bed well she will live with it, there was nights i was to drunk to put them on my self so she would do it for me thats what she thought i was not to drunk i just found away of getting her to put them on me, she would wash and dry them for me but all that wahing and drying tuck its toll on them and in the bin they went have never got anymore she never said do you want new ones so i just left it at that, i just make shore my plastic she gos on the bed befor we go out drinking and she will put towles on the bed so soak up my pee she knows am going to wet the bed evertime we go out, that just who i am i told her i was a bed wetter as a kid and stopped when i was about 18, she said she as never had any bed wetting her house she never new anyone in her family who wet the bed, she said her kids never wet the bed, she said if the was any bed wetters in her family she never new she thought it odd that my mum told everyone about me she said that was so bad of her to do that to me, i no my mum should not have done that but she did a would be standing in the street with her when she would be talking to someone and she would just say to them do you know he still wets his bed, everyone in my shcool found out, my brothers would tell everyone thats becoase i slept in the same bed as them me in the middle weeing all over them so they were not happy, my girl friend as never told anyone she says we will keep the plastic sheet off the bed so no one sees it and it just gos on when were going out drinking, she loves the thought that we be going togther for 8years and know one as found out about me wetting the bed and her kids lived with us and they never new she says thats good going for no one to find out and there as been a lot of bed wetting in the years we been togther, and there as been times the plastic as not gone on the bed so the mattress as been soaked so if anyone had walked in the room they would of see the big wet patch, i think one day i will ask her again to buy me some more plastic pants i will just say i heat waking up in a pool of pee, see if that works i hope so coz i do love plastic pants.

war8<br />
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I have just read Ken story and related stories. what came over was the lonelness we all feel. the need to be seen has a person and not a frick. I have thought about this a long time you know and all I can say, it is not us who are the frick but those out there. who see themselves as the norm. <br />
you know many of them are diaper lovers or adult babies but themselves, someone said one day there is a baby in all of us.<br />
may be if they put on a diaper or became incontinance they will know how it feels to be a outcast.<br />
may be the only way to meet a diaper lover or adult baby is through the web, though this may take time and lets face it finding the right person takes time. you know persons who are Gay went through the same as us.<br />
what I am saying is it is society and the sense of the norm that needs to change. untill then we all need each other so come on lonelness is a BAD thing and out there not everyone is the same. O yes if a person LOVES you they will take you as you are, if they say no then they don't loved you.<br />
<br />
hope this makes sense.

I met the woman of my dreams 5 years ago. When I told he about my baby side, she loved it and we immediatley went out and bought diapers, bottles, pacifiers, etc.<br />
Just today, we recieved the onsie we had been waiting for and she promptly diapered and powdred me and snapped me in my onsie.<br />
But all this took alot of courage on my part to tell her with the same fear we all have of being rejected.<br />
She is my mommy/wife/mistress and I have told her that this is the real me more than anything.<br />
But we became friends first and I know I am echoing everyone else when I say that.<br />
She lovesbeing my mommy and I love being her baby in the fact that, I have always wanted to be babied by a loving, caring woman and she has always wanted a baby.

Yes I do agree with everything you said. <br />
<br />
Fear has kept me from meeting a lot of nice people; some of which would have accepted me the way I am. As you stated the women that could not or would not accept us don't know what they missing. I do think we are more sensitive but I also think we have many more positive qualities that woman want. <br />
<br />
I have not given up, although older I still have some get up and go and I am much wiser. I am still holding on to hope that someday I will be lucky enough and find the right woman, but for now I look to others just for the companionship; It would be nice to meet others.

hi ken,<br><br />
your story was very moving, and to some extent all of us who have this un-relenting and uncontrollable desire, must also feel alone and lonely. i reflected on loneliness a lot in the past and i think you're right - it's because it's our dirty little darkest of secrets. a secret shared is a secret less. (did i just invent that or is it common?)<br><br />
then to read Amy's wonderful "love story" - just made the balance to the picture. i think Amy is 100% right in pointing out that we need to foster a real relationship. this is the basis of trust and caring. it goes both ways.<br><br />
i married a girl who's flashing eyes made me want to be in my panties and at her feet. when still my girlfriend, i confided in her. she laughed too. and thought me very silly to be so worried. and like Amy, over the years we enjoyed lots of great play and sex. i won't go into the reasons we ended, because the fact remains - there ARE a lot of kind, warm, possibly wise too, women out there. and they're actually looking for us - they just don't know it. so many women i know like me because i am gentlemanly, warm, caring. women like gentle men. not all women, granted, but many many do. and they love to be treated with subtlety and sensitivity.<br><br />
i think we're all more sensitive than your average male. we tend to be more emotional and i think we like touch. these are qualities many women find appeals to their feminine nature. <br><br />
i can anticipate the next hurdle: even if all this is true, we're TOO SHY to make a move. the answer is - be friends. starting there is non-threatening to both, and it can grow if you both want it to. the more you care for each other, the less a big deal our secret becomes.<br><br />
<br><br />
what do you think?

Lucky you, hang onto her as she is one in a Million<br />

I met the woman that I married over 30 years ago and we would go out dancing, dining, to parks, kyaking, and all sorts of fun places. We talked together, laughed together, made love together and become very close friends. We also fell in love with one another. <br />
Throughout the courtship I kept the fact that I enjoyed wearing diapers and water proof baby panties very much a secret from her. <br />
<br />
When it seemed like I wanted, actually it was more like needed, to spend the rest of my life with this woman there was no way I could marry her or even ask her to marry me without telling her of my diaper wearing. <br />
<br />
One day I told her I loved her, that I very much wanted to be with her forever and marry her if she would have me, but I couldn't because I had been holding something back. I told her if she knew what I was not telling her, my dark little secret, it could be enough to drive her away. <br />
<br />
She begged me to tell her but I couldn't. I didn't have the courage. I was afraid, like many AB/DLs, I was afraid she would reject me and then ridicule me and then leave me to be alone again. I did tell her that it was difficult to just come out and tell her but if she guessed or even came close I would tell her everything. <br />
<br />
Boy she guessed all sorts of things; that I was an escaped convict, that I was a murderer or a rapist, that I was wanted by the police, that I was a drug fiend...she guessed things that even worried me. Anyway She didn't come close and one day she said I had to tell her because it was driving her nuts.<br />
<br />
I took her to my apartment and pulled a box where I kept my diapers and baby panties, a bottle or two and the rest of my infant paraphenalia and set it on the bed. She looked through my collection of items and stories and then looked at me and laughed. She asked if that was my deep dark secret. I told her yes, that I enjoyed being babied and pampered. She told me to get over to the bed and she proceeded to ***** me naked and then she pushed me down and diapered me. All the while she said that it was no big deal. She said she was afraid of something dire and much worse and that knowing I wore diapers was almost a relief. I asked her if she could marry a man who wore diapers and after she pulled my baby panties up she leaned over kissed me and said YES.<br />
<br />
The point is there needs to be a relationship outside the AB/DL stuff FIRST and FOREMOST. Women are natural mothers for the most part and as long as they can talk to you about anything, laugh with you, cry with you and be your best friend there is very little they are unwilling to do for you including helping you live out your fantasies. Of course as an equal partner she will expect, and rightfully so, the same support from you.<br />
<br />
So start a relationship first. That is my advice. <br />
<br />
I have been with the same woman now for 30 yesr and she is my wife/lover/mommy/mistress and all around best friend. I have yet to imagine a fantasy that she hasn't helped come true as best she could. I couldn't ask for more.<br />
<br />
Sissy Baby Amy

i remember taping pampers together. if you don't mind talking to a gay sissy, i'll talk to you any time.

Sounds like a pretty familiar story. It really is hard to find someone who understands, especially face to face.