I Almost Became A Call Girl.

I felt sex desires in my body at the age of 12 yrs.I am a healthy girl.My boobs started to develop at this age.Pubic and under arm silky hairs of golden color started to grow.I started rubbing my ***** and fingering my *****.My friend was of 13 yrs .We started to rub our bodies and play with our puffed nipples.We also licked each other's **** and *****.One day she asked me to go to her aunt's house.She was very modern and was wearing a revealing gown with boobs ,buttocks and ***** showing .Her ***** was hairy with under arm hairs also.She was drinking with a man of about 55 yrs. He was kissing her.Aunty asked my friend to sit on man' lap.She obliged.Man started kissing my friend.I became excited.Aunty came to me and kissed me.My dress was gone in a few minutes.My friend also removed her dress.Now aunty removed the man's dress.His penis was big and black.My friend started licking it.Aunty asked me to lick her *****.She was fingering my ***** and anus.Then the man laid down my friend on sofa and inserted his penis in her *****.My friend was excited so was I.Man ****** my friend then Aunty asked me to lick man's ****.I was reluctant but aunty persuade me.Then the man gave 5000 Rs. to my friend.Man also offered 10000Rs. to me I refused.Now aunty is saying to come to her house regularly which I am avoiding.
salmakhan29 salmakhan29
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I am glad you refused to do what was aced coz that is prostitution...

i can turn you on in less than 10 minutes and this is a challenge from me! meet me in person