I've The Soul Of An Artist, The Heart Of A Musician, But The Talent Of A Ditchdigger

i have most of the ingredients of a musician- perfect pitch [the ability to discern precise musical pitch sans reference or pitchpipe], good sense of rhythm [but i can't dance] and love for musical theory- but no talent to back any of this up.  i played in school and college bands most of my younger life [decades ago now] various wind [brass and single-reed woodwinds] and percussion instruments, but not with any real expertise.  i never could get beyond 2nd chair, and i was born sans the sight-reading [playing as one reads the music] gene so i would have to play my parts by rote memory.  i never could play any complex instrument [compound instruments such as the traps or drum set, organ] due to the fact that they require true multitasking ability [each limb performing a simultaneous  but  different task]- when i see a talented drummer's arms and legs flying all over the place, or a organist fluidly moving his/her arms across the manuals with legs dancing upon the pedals, all i can do is look wistfully from the sidelines.  but at least i can dream.

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

dear notinbetween, i thank you for your confidence in my non-spazz-ness but just the same i tried to learn how to play both drums and organ for over a year, but made no progress whatsoever. it is like trying to teach music to a tone-deaf person, it just doesn't work. i can play notes [drums/organ] with one hand at a time on the organ, and one drum at a time on the traps - when i tried to multitask [play different things simultaneously on all extremities] it all collapsed into discord. no amount of positive thinking i could muster was able to change this situation. but thank you for your kindness:+)

awhh i disagree even drummers have to learn and your lack of ability is only in not believing:) if you cant do it, its only because you believe you cant:)