I Gave Up Then I Enjoyed It

From a very early age I was attracted to the thought of being a girl. As I got older I fought the idea but could not understand why Seeing a **** on shemales got me harder and hotter then anything else. After years of wearing panties and lingerie I decide to tell my second wife. She was very curious and study it for a long time trying to understand it.Then one day she admitted to me she was bi curious also and had been from a young girl, But it went a little further. She wanted to have a ****!!!! and feel what it felt like to **** a girl....So for a while we had WOW sex we would role play swap genders...best ******* ever for both of us...She would have me wear same kind of panties and trib on me....then do me from behind....well we r not together anymore( that's a different story) but I am in my 40s and still wish i was a girl.....
canitry canitry
46-50, M
Dec 1, 2012