Damn I Wish I Was a Female

I've known this for some time, that i was born wrong or as a twin and came out in the wrong form. I am a male but my sexual desires are more like a female, the rest is pretty male. But some girls are like that too, tomboys.
 Like i like girls but also like boys so i'm messed up, but too late to change, hopefully next time god gets it right.

peterluv2toss peterluv2toss
3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

This may sound odd but I too feel I should have been born female, yet at the sametime I do think he makes mistake. <br />
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1. God can use all our chaneges, and man is the one that is making it so hard to correct the appearate mismate. Humans have a hard time ajecting to changes. God sees us as his daughters. <br />
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2. God has given the tech, we need to pation our government to cover the transgender services that many health insurance companies do not. I wrote the President and congress about this I challage all my fellow trans people to do the same. If we do the U.S. may also cover transgender services!

I too feel as if should have been born a women. It turns me on evertime I walk by the womens department and want to just try on everthing. I love the thought of playin the role as a women. Maybe god does make mistakes after all?

i understand. My whole life i have had this same feeling. i go under the feeling that it's never to late. At least i'll choose to live and think that way.<br />
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Thanks for sharing.