I am intrested in school style caning preferably with a female I have been caned afew times but not good experience. can anyone help i live in the Midlands In the United KIngdom
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Respected Trusted Gent . Age62years young . Growing up With A Strict Mum . i MySelf Was Caned Severely ManeyTimes Across my bare bottom it HURTS . Take it from one who nose . My Bottom would be Welted and Bruised often . i ALways Deserved to be Punished and my Mum Caned me Very Hard . it did me no lasting Harm . i ALways Loved my Mum and the power She had over me .


I want a male to cane me But i want a female to be caned at same time as me so I can watch. maybe even switch clothes that would be perfect

I hope that you will get someone. Its not easy to find female who can give a proper caning.<br />
I love it too!!