Want My Wife To Discipline Me

My beautiful wife is incredibly clever, hard working, loving and most of all dominant. It isn't that she thinks she is acting a role, she just assumes that she should tell me what to do, and that I should naturally do as I'm told. This turns me on immensely, and i try very hard to encourage her to rule over me, but occassionally I let her down, forget to do something, drink a bit too much, disagree with her, or whatever. It is on these occassions that I would really appreciate being brought back into line with a severe caning.
I realise it would hurt immensely, but I would feel so much less guilty if I had paid for my error with pain.
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My wife also knows how to use the cane on my butt! It releases any feeling of guilt on my side!

All my life I have craved for a DD type relationship and prior to my marriage 33 years ago I thought I had found it although at that stage only in a playful manner. Unfortunately I soon found that my wife was not interested in a DD type marriage and taking the leading role for my discipline. As time passed I tried to put my needs behind me and put my wifes needs first. As with many others we bought a house and started a family - life seemed to all intense and purpose, very normal. Over time however this need I have became almost overpowering and after about 28 years of marriage and many months of serious doubt I decided to broach the subject once again with my wife and I asked if she would seriously consider disciplining me. I tried to explain why it was so important. I explained that our normal day to day life would not change. We would still make decisions together, I would still be the man of the house, I even suggested it may re awaken our physical relationship but to no avail - she refused. I felt really quite rejected by the person I thought loved me and I still do. To be rejected as out of hand and foolish is very hurtful - and something I would not wish on another. I now feel that I have wasted many years of my life by almost living a lie - years that I can never get back. To any reading this, please do not make the same mistake.

I understand your situation so well. In my first marriage I confessed a lot of my fantasies early on, even before we were married, and my girlfriend, then wife, went along with them. Not discipline at that time, but the idea of her sleeping with other me. She so went along with it that she hads affairs and told me about them
Once we had children, all that changed, but we still had some sort of sex life. Once the children were old enough to be having sex themselves, my wife cut me off from all sex, and was furious to discover I was reading **** about my fantasies.
Eventually, she said that we should stay together for the children, but I could see other women. So I did. When she found out, she went mental, and within a couple of months we seperated.
That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am now so happy with my new wife, who understands my needs completely, and fulfuls them completely.
Take my advice. Get out, and get on internet dating. Meet lots of women, sleep with lots of women, and keep dumping them until you find a dominant one.
It's been a dream come true!

I know your advise is probably the right route for me to take if I want to realise the dream I have had all my life but by doing so I would destroy my wife and she does not deserve that and neither do my children. I often question whether I have approached the subject in the wrong way and by doing so set my wife against the whole idea. When I last decided to pluck up the courage to mention that I needed my wife to discipline me I did a lot of online research. I found a website called DWC (Disciplinary Wives Club) and downloaded a lot of information that I thought explained what I needed and the reasons I needed it far better than I could. I gave this information to my wife and asked her to read it when she had some time - all she did was laugh and ripped the paperwork to shreds. I often wish I could actually talk to someone who has been through a similar situation and was able to give advise on how to approach the subject in order to at least get through first base. I am lucky in one respect in that I joined a site in the UK called British Spanking and through this site made friends with a lady who understood what I needed and did not think it either foolish, childish or silly. I see her two or three times a year and she very kindly meets my need for discipline as a friend - nothing sexual involved. I find it an immense release but only wish it was with my wife and far more often. I am really happy that you have found the person that meets your needs in such a complete manner - I am very envious

I understand your feelings. If my wife did the same, I would also felt rejected and unloved.

What a fortunate guy did you became! I'm glad I was more lucky.

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Fortunately my wife does take the cane to sort out my butt!!

i would love to be cane by wife all she does have me in panties lock in chastity an doing house work

I also like a proper caning for that purpose!