Im Waiting For My Caning

ive been a naught boy.
Im wearing navy blue knickers long school socks plimsoles and a white vest.
the cane is next to me .Daddys on his way
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4 Responses Mar 26, 2012

I genuinely did get regular thrashings from my father and at school. I think there are few people under 40 who will had the cane at school since it had pretty much disappeared by the mid-80s. My father also spanked my bare bottom as did various schoolmasters.

Can I be put on your list after your Daddy the very thot of a boy bent right over in navy blue knickers school socks plimsoles and a white vest gives me. Hardon just thinking about it I have s good selection of boys underpants most white school shorts schoolboys long socks and been looking for boys knickers got a while so far no luck guess their not available anyone know if I could get a source on the net

Cane strokes are good for you! It makes me horny.

This situation is almost worse than havng your blue knickers pulled down, then Daddy picking up the cane. The tension and anticipation almost unbearable, your school shorts carefully folded up on the table over which you will bend, shooting tingles in your bottom, and you hear Daddy's footsteps coming........