Would It Be A Thrill?

Discipline was well maintained at my grammar school, although some masters struggled. Detentions were awarded for behaviour too serious for lines, and the next sanction was a headmaster's whacking.   I suffered detention only when the whole form was detained after school for a misdemeanour if the actual culprit hadn't been identified. Boys queuing outside the headmaster's office for a whacking were always interesting to the rest of us. It was rumoured that, if he gave you the cane with your shorts and pants off, you only got half of the six-of-the-best, you'd get with them on. I hated the thought of making such a choice and fortunately never had to - I've no doubt that caning deters bad behaviour and is preferable to exclusion and expulsion.

Now I sometimes regret never having had the experience of a visit to the head's study.  The thought of removing my shorts and pants in front of the head and the worry of whether I'd be able to control an arousal excites me.  At that age I was always having trouble with bulges in my shorts (which I some of us were still wearing at fourteen).  Perhaps I'll never know now whether it would have been such a thrill.

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2 Responses Oct 9, 2009

well id not be giving you a choice , it would be six on your trousers touching your toes just, tears wouldnt be an option , you would leave the office crying and holding your bottom, the cane always works very well, magy

Ahh ! If only I knew then what I know now .... I often wonder what I missed because I was too shy in my early years . Oh well better late than never .