ive never been with a guy but i would love to give a bj and swallow

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I'm not a virgin and I've blowed a few times.. let me tell ya if you aren't lesbian blowing is great! I love the taste of ****! Sorry If that got to detailed... ? haha Anyway I'm pretty sure any guy will be willing to let you give him a *******.. I just kind of seduce them with a ***** and unzip their pants and take off their boxers and I blow away. It's awesome. Just get a cute guy.. seduce a little .. make him get a ***** by watching a little **** .. and with a ***** any guy will let you blow him! Have fun !

Hi Virgin. Before I answer your question, it's good for you to know that #1 I'm gay, #2 I'm married to my partner and we've been togther now for 7 years. Regarding your question, we all have all sorts of sexual curiousities that we want to try- even straight guys like cum4myhun and he's not necessarily gay. If you identify yourself as gay then you will find it to be a most exhillirating/exciting experience to give a BJ and to swallow (I certainly do) and if you're straight you might enjoy it and find it as an exciting form of sexual kinkiness whether you do this with your girlfriend and another guy (trio) or with another guy to experiment with. Best of luck