Bondage But Not Torture


A couple of days ago I had this dream. I was naked with porcelain white skin. Bonded with white tape in all sorts of sexually positions.  I felt safe the whole time. Didn’t know the person with me. All I can see were his hairy legs and a knife. Doggy style, cradle, were some of the positions I remember. I wish the man would have just raped me because I wet and very horny. But no the whole torture was me in all these sexually positions and not touched once…bummmmed!!

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5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

and being bound up while having white porcelain skin sounds kinda hot now that I think about it ! mmmmm

lol..thanks zippyp

I've had so many dreams over the years where the sex is literally waiting to happen right then right now but then suddenly I need to run off and build a canoe or something silly, then later in the dream (said canoe built or whatever) I'm back where I was before with some girl waiting to have sex with me and then I seem to be sent on some other random bizarre mission , and so the night / dream continues.........<br />
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I have only ever had full on sex in my dreams four times in my life, one of which was only a month or so ago and it was so much fun and happened enough times in the same dream that I almost forgive the dream fairies for all the other frustrating nights.

Thanks..I'm already a memeber..hehe

This is me putting my hand up for your fantasy fulfillment (I'll use a fake knife :oD) .. except I would definately finish the job!<br />
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