I ****** Ben Affleck....

It was New Years Eve. Robin and I dress in couture. She looking astonishing

in her brown tight see through mini. Showing a hint of cleavage. I myself went for a

sophisticated longer red gown with my long black hair slightly curled. Both dolled up in diamonds. We walked down to the lobby of our luxury hotel. Hit the bar and notice Ben Affleck’s twin. He had an entourage with him. He looked at Robin. She gives smile. Later one of his boys invited us for afterhours. We heisted but didn’t want the party to end. We knocked on the door. A voice said come in. Two bluffs guys told us to sit down. One locked the door. One guy said who wants to go first. We laughed. Got up and instantly was forced back down. Than out came Ben. He looked muscular and was naked of course. Robin screamed. He pulled her by the hair dragged her over to the desk. Pull off her clothes. Rubbed his big **** against her bum. I was tied and force to look. He pushed against her, smelled her hair and licked her neck as she cried. He tried to force himself in but she resisted keeping legs tight together. "Don’t resist" he said. She kept begging him to stop. He slapped her pinned her against the wall. Her legs were shaking. He started to suck her nipple with his hands pressed on her wrist. He poured cocaine & sniffed it off her wet breast. He licked her tears and grabbed one of her legs. He gently rubbed her ***** and stroked his **** under it. They were both breathing heavily. He forced himself in while he pinned her against the wall after he was done he bent her back over the desk and continually forced himself inside her form the back as I watched. He left her a pile of cash and told her to get dress. Than he came after he…

just a fantasy ok..

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Haha funny

glad you like..

Pretty hot.