Am I Bad?

 Well, when I know that ceratin people are irresponsible, I don´t lend them almost anything. I say I can´t, which is true, because I will  need it in following days and so it´s frustrating and upsetting for me when I must ask them for my things!!!!!!!!When I do this ten times I feel embarassing......Sometimes they persuade me and I lend ,them, I really keep an eye out for return.

blueeyed blueeyed
18-21, F
6 Responses Apr 30, 2008

Ja viem ze vie, ale mosi to vediet povedat aj v inych konfrontacnych situaciach. Napriklad pri peti.....<br />
Preco sa citis bitchy, ty nehanebnica!!!!

Ale vie to povedat, ale nepouziva to tak casto ako by mala.

Babor nevie povedat NIE a raz na to moze doplatit. Musime jej to vytlct z hlavicky!

Svata pravda. Ked Barbor je asi velmi dobra a nevie sa nejakym sposobom vzopriet.

Preto ja jej uz nic nepoziciavam. A nechapem, ze preco Barbor jej este stale poziciava.

yeah, yeah. Petka nasa responsible!