Just Like The Rest Here...

...I would love to find a lady who either is comfortable with a male friend with a panty pooping fetish, or (even better yet) has one herself. The difference is that I am...on the more mature side of 60, single and financially independant. I know there must be at least one lovely, mature lady out there that has learned the enjoyment of pooping and/or wetting - there certainly are enough men our age into it! Certainly it wasn't just the boys of our era that got hooked on it!

No, I'm not seeking my "soul-mate" or a looking for a long term live-in relationship, though neither am I against it. Nor am I simply looking for what the younger set now calls a "**** buddy". I just want someone nearer my age for friendship and correspondence. I'd love to chat about how we got into these things, the trials and tribulations we've had to put up with, the enjoyment we get out of it...and life in general as seen through our slightly more weary eyes. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike chatting with younger folks. Indeed, I find it very intersting and exhilarating. It just seems it would be easier and more comfortable with a lady in my own peer group.

Bill610 Bill610
70+, M
Mar 13, 2010