I Love Dating Older Men

Growing up, I always befriended people older than me and dated guys older than me.
I have never been in a long term relationship with someone my own age, we have always broke up early due to maturity issues and not feeling satisfied.
When I was 18, I met a young looking man in a pub. We hit it off instantly, we had everything in common and there was a real connection. I would of guessed his age being 22 or maybe 23 at a push. He added me on Facebook, that's when I found out he was 28. I felt confused, I felt like I was doing something wrong by liking someone 10 years my senior. My friends were disgusted by the 10 year age gap, but I couldn't help myself. We broke up, funnily enough, he was too immature for me.
I then went on to date guys who were from ages 27-30. They all ended because I felt like they weren't mature enough. They always seemed to go for younger girls, they were never married and they never seemed to want to settle down. One had kids but he really wasn't mature enough for a relationship.
At New Year, me and my friend went to a pub. I seen this insanely attractive guy, he was tall, dark hair, facial hair, tattoos and just incredibly hot. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He then caught me looking. From then on, he kept looking at me and smiling. My knees were buckling! I was in disbelief and maybe thought he was smiling because I was being a total weirdo by staring at him.
His friend came over in an attempt to chat me up, he was drunk and falling all over me. The guy I had been staring at all night came over, he kissed me on the cheek and wished me a happy new year. We then got chatting. His friend kind of blended into the background after that. We had everything in common from film taste to music to geeky obsessions such as sharks. He then asked me my age, I guessed he was about 30. I told him I was 21 and he seemed to look uncomfortable. He then piped up, he was 36. I felt like couldn't care less about his age. We really hit it off. We have exchanged numbers and have spoke every day since that night. He asked me out for a few drinks tomorrow, I am so nervous. My best friend supports me and doesn't think the age gap is weird, but my other friends seemed to look down on me when I told them.
I'm terrified of liking him more because of the age gap. At the same time, why should it bother me? If anyone has any advice or tips, I would love to hear it!

Thank you for reading my story. X
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Go for it

I am 33 and my husband is 69. We met when I was 22 and he was 58, and married 3 years later. A few people have wigged out about the age difference, but we don't give a damn. We are happy and in love, and that is all that matters!!!

Age is only a number as I feel in my 20s and really only enjoy the company of younger women. I have nothing in common with women my age that all seem to be looking for a meal ticket and come with their problems and baggage and I can't get into someone that looks like someones mother. I was with a 28 yo recently and we enjoyed each others company so much "she had a goth past, did dance for 17 years, had a morbid sense of humor, liked cars" and I had no problem accepting her 4 yo son as my own but right before she was to move in I got the vibes that she could get into being rich but really wasn't into me as much as I was into her and had to tell her "this isn't going to happen" which really hurt me but I could see this would end bad in time. Met her through a common interest in my profession in a chat room and were friends for 3 years and she came to a professional convention with me and was in awe there and I was so happy to have her with me. If it was not for that common interest I would have never met her even though it didn't work out but might have. The problem is meeting younger women as they don't run in the same circles and I guess are intimidated talking to an older successful man. Wish you were in the New York City area as I bet we would hit it off great.

if it were me it only matters what you like doesn`t matter what anyone else thinks its your life an happieness do what your heart says

Hello Ella,
I've just seen your story whilst browsing through EP.
Thank you for sharing that.
I think that, for the right two people, a huge age gap, far from being a barrier, can be magical.
I am positively ancient, but I should love to chat, if you want to.
Peter xx

Hey girl I been in your shoes. So you are 21 im guessin? Then you should be fine hit it off like he were any guy but this time maybe a chance of finally getting your prince charming? Have fun dont be nervous be you and age is just a number.

Well, believe it or not, many ancients like me are very attracted to young women of your age and vice versa.
I have been in touch with some very beautiful and sexy young women who long to meet me, and more !!!! But distance has been always the problem.
The fact that I am married seems to switch them on even more.
I have very good reasons to believe that they weren't just teasing.
I just love the company of attractive young women. I think that is natural. Also, when you get older, it's good to be reminded that you are not totally over the hill.
Peter xx

HI! I'm also looking for other girls who are in relationships with older men. I think it'd be wonderful to engage with others without lying about my relationship and who can relate and are in the same situation. Or even going out or having parties lol Im shy for the most part but when Im with a group I've known, or people Ive been friends with for a number of years Im quite the social butterfly and love having people over, now that's impossible since my bf is so much older than me.. None of my friends would understand and Im sure his wouldn't take me seriously either.

Please add me I would also like a friend to talk to about being with a older man

I enjoyed reading your story. I'm dating someone 21 years older than myself so I understand. How are things going with you two?