Boyfriend's Dad Sucked Hard

I have been in this relationship for about 2 years with my boyfriend when I graduated from school and needed a job. My boyfriend's father runs an administrative firm and my boyfriend thought it would be good for me to work there (thinking he could see me often when he comes to see his day on his off days from the army).

I agreed and went to work like any young gal would, dressed in my heels, tugging short dresses with plunging neckline (was more just in case my boyfriend came by and we could have some fun). However that was frowned upon by the older ladies in the office so I don on an uversize jacket each time.

It was during my first week that I noticed my boyfriend's father looking at me with lustful eyes. I was shocked at first as I was dating his son, but he kept his advances towards me subtle and it did make me feel special deep inside.
A man his age (in his 50s) was actually interested in me... his wife was a teacher who was often busy with work and was hardly seen.

One day I was working late when he called me in his office and asked if the workload was too much for me. I lied and said those ladies gave me extra jobs cos they were jealous of my look.

"you do look wonderful.... but I have been wondering why you like to cover up your assets..." he said as he removed my jacket. That day I was wearing a deep blue mini dress that showed my cleavage superbly.

As he talked to me he kept staring at my breast and soon I noticed he was drooling. Feeling warm and sexy, I asked if he liked my breasts and if his wife's breast was like mine. He said no and started moving closer to me as I heard his breathing get harder.

He asked how big was my breast and if he could touch it as his wife's breast was only a 32B. My boyfriend's dad was big built with big palms so I told him that my breast would fill his entire palm as it was 36D. That caused him to jerk and I told him to lock his office door.

Soon, he was undressing me and he unhooked my bra which released my tortured breast in those bras perfectly. I shook my breasts and dangled it in front of my boyfriend's dad. He asked if I have been breastfeeding his son as his son usually doesnt eat at home after our dates. I said yes.

With pleading eyes he asked to taste me and feeling full I agreed. The next thing I know, his mouth was in my right nipple sucking so hard!. While he sucked as he sat on his directors chair and I sat on his table facing him, his other hand started to massage the other breast. His free hand also started to stroke my *** and my *** was getting wet.

After about 10 minutes of drinking my milk, he switched breasts and also started to finger me. Such a pleasure it was. From that day on, I was his meal supplement and also my workload dropped drastically.
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