Hamden Toni

Met this girl looking to be picked up on Falls Rd in the middle of the afternoon. She got in the car snd wanted to know if i was a cop. Checked her i.d. for her age 6 months over 18. Hot. Wanted to hang out. I wanted to **** her so bad. House was 30 minutes away, so no go. Plan gloryhole booth. Got to the block and said lets go in. Place was busy and we slid into a big booth in the back. Her first time. Put money in just as somoene knocked on the door. She said what did he want? I selected a movie and sat in one of two seats. Never saw a couples booth. She wasnt aware that i wanted it in the booth. I reached around and started to undress her. She took everything off socks too. Sat down and said cmon **** me. Sucked me and bent over grabbed her ankles and said to start. I was going at it when she asked if i would stick the tip in her *** when i came. When i came i barely stuck the head in when i came. I didnt get it far enough in and the pressure blew back out. Everywhere. All my clothes were on the chair. Her *** dripped right over my dress pants. I opened the door and there was a bunch of guys waiting. They backed up i am a big guy. She was excited and owed me nothing. I wanted to get out right away. She wanted to **** more and not just me. Went back in the booth and talked about it. She wanted to be safe and there was too many. She saw a **** next to the change outlet. Scared, then she touched it and it jumped. She looked at me and started to *****. I thought she was going to **** me again. No a twenty was on the floor and she said i am doing it if you stay and get me out of here. I agreed. She went right to work. One after the next. Quick and enthusiastic. I started to jerk my ****. She was so into that when i came she just wouldnt stop. We left after she got a load that gagged her to tears. Got outside and there was a bunch of dudes smoking cigs. They clapped and hooted. I still jack it to hot Toni
dabozfan dabozfan
51-55, M
Nov 14, 2012