Say No? Are You Kidding Pt. 4

The look of pure lust in my wifes eyes told both Don and myself the matter of fact truth, Susie wanted every stiff hard inch of Don and was willing to do what ever he asked to get it. Seeing her on the verge of out of control hot and horny I couldn't help but be a little envious that I wasn't the subject of her animal like desire. I still had to wonder how the sexy hot babe in the kitchen was to become a part of all the fun.Don leaned in close to susie and began kissing her neck and earthen telling her how hot she was making him in her sexy outfit. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted up the front to expose his hard hairy chest, to which she began licking his nipples and telling him she loved his choice of her sexy outfit. Don released her as he stepped back, I wanna see. Take the nightie off my hot little ***** he ordered. Susie lifted the top over her head and let it drop to the floor. My my Don exclaimed, as he spun her sexy little body finally stopping with her back to him. Dam baby you make my **** hard just looking at you. He then smacked her *** real good as he ordered her to bend over. With a yelp she obeyed his command and placed both hands on the bed, parting her legs slighty Thats it *****, spread those those legs. Again he smacked her *** as he told her how much he was going to enjoy grabbing a handfull of that tight *** and working his hard **** slowly but surely all up in her hungry ****. Oh please do she begged. Knelling down, he spread her *** cheeks an pulled her thong to the side granting his tounge full access to the controlling parts of every fiber in her body. Oh God she said as Don sank his tounge between the lips of a now very hot, wet, and needy *****.Don then ran his tounge up to ream her *** hole , which delighted her, then very slowly traced back down to her **** where he teased, and sucked her into a frenzy.Susie raised one leg up on the bed giving him more access to a **** I now new was about to explode.
MrMrsadventure MrMrsadventure
Sep 22, 2012