Being Double Teamed Pt. 5

I had to admit Don knew what to do with a hot an horny *****. He paused his assualt on my wife's **** just long enough to take his hand and spank first her *** again , then smacking her little **** repeatedly he eased a finger in her working it round and round as he ask if he had her ***** hot yet.Susie was so worked up she could hardly speak, just an Oh Yes, Thats It, OoooH Yesssss Baby. Don eased his finger in and out and begin telling her how tight she was and how was she going to handle his big ****. At that point she screamed that she was ******* as she worked her *** back and forth on finger. As Don worked his finger in and out , up to tease her puckered *** then down to her *** covered ****, I heard a very sweet female voice tell Don he needed to move and get out of all those clothes and that she would take care of the mess he had made. The blond with Don then entered the room in view of the cam dressed only in a very sexy red bra and matching red thong supported by a pair of red heels. She had a tray of drinks in one hand and a running video cam in the other.She put the tray on the dresser and handed Susie a drink as she told her what a sexy ride she must be having such a horny disposition. I;m Tina, Dons other ***** an after he told me about your adventure, I just had to come find out for myself. She laid beside her as she helped her turn to lay next to her. Susie never said a word as Tina put her hand between my wifes legs dipping in ***** and rubbing the *** over her engorged ****.As she spread her legs wider Tina looked over at Don agreeing that my wife had such a tight **** that his **** was about to be put in a wet vice.Don who now was standing by the bed with no clothes and his right hard slowly pumping his hard meat. Don told Tina to remove her panties and bra so Susie could see how hot she had made her ***** and how hard her big nipples were.
MrMrsadventure MrMrsadventure
Sep 22, 2012