Sure Lets Chat Long Enough To Meet And **** Ourselves Silly

I hate to admit it, but I love talking about my sexual experiences. There have been so many, its hard to recall them all except the exceptional ones. Over 500 women to date and lost count.  But the next women I **** will be the best ****. Though many are still fresh in my mind, its the new experiences that are the best yet.  I just love ******* a woman. Particularly older women. they suck **** so much better, and **** so much better, its like night and day difference than a young girl with no experience. But if your 18 or older, contact me, and you better believe I will give you one great ****. Because all ***** is good *****. I have been with skinny women, BBW, or fat women as i used to call them. and so many average size and weight women, its just hard to remember them all anymore.  Tall women, short women, women with big ******, where I thought I wouldhave to tye a 2x4 to my *** to keep from falling in. To tight virgin ****** you make bleed from breaking they hyman.  And let me assure you, It is all good *****.

Ladies near St. Louis, if you seek to be ****** by a very experienced man, contact me. I can please you without a secound thought. Mabye I should be in the book of world records, if only I had documented it. hahaha Dean   email me so we can chat.

polycplseeking polycplseeking
41-45, M
Mar 8, 2010