Getting Turned On While Being Nude.

I love to be naked and get very turned on. I often get an erection which can offend some nudists. But its great fun and only natural.
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

A erectiom is fine in a back yard nudist set up wher you know the others But not proper at a resort Though it happens but hid and let it return to normal

I get maybe a half erection sometimes, I usually move on and it subsides.

ME TOO..Every time. once at my in laws my mother in law walked in to the bathroom where I was in the tub enjoying the solitude and a strong erection..i was dumbfounded when I opened my eyes after submerging myself, as I ***********, BOOM she was Right over me giving me the shoosh sign with her finger to her mouth..bending down she whispered continue and it is our secret 'SON'<br />
<br />
With that I had the strangest erotic albeit taboo ****** as she watched with wicked glee..